Grand duke kaufman: The Mysterious Magician of the Kingdom of Luipt

Duque Kapmen Kaufman

The character of Duke Kaufman in the web novel ‘The Remarried Empress’, stands out as a nobleman of the Kingdom of Luipt and a talented magician graduated from the Academy of Magic in the Eastern Empire.

In love with the Empress Navier, he gives away a love potion that ends up affecting him himself.

Throughout the story, Duke Kaufman faces conflicts and threats because of his intense passion.

We tell you all the details…

The character of Grand duke Kaufman in the web novel ‘The Remarried Empress’

Duke Kaufman or Kapmen as sometimes is translated is a central character in the web novel ‘The Remarried Empress’. This talented magician is introduced as a grand duke of the Kingdom of Luipt and a graduate of the prestigious Academy of Magic in the Eastern Empire.

His description evokes a unique combination of nobility and magical skills.

Description of Duke Kaufman of Luipt and talented magician

Duke Kaufman is recognized as a Grand Duke of the Kingdom of Luipt. His royal lineage and nobility are reflected in his distinguished bearing and confident attitude.

He is an exotic man with an athletic build, dark skin, albino hair and gray eyes.

In addition, he is a talented magician who has demonstrated exceptional skills acquired during his training at the Academy of Magic in the Eastern Empire. These skills have allowed him to stand out as one of the most promising magicians of his generation.

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His relationship with Empress Navier and the love potion

The story takes an interesting turn when Duke Kaufman gifts a love potion to Empress Navier. Although he initially underestimates the power of his own work, his fate is unexpectedly altered when he tries the potion to prove to Navier that it works and falls madly in love with her.

This amorous twist not only surprises the Duke, but also generates a new dimension in his relationship with Empress Navier.

Thus, Duke Kaufman finds himself caught up in an intense and passionate love for the Empress. This overflowing love leads him to experience a series of internal conflicts and to face threats and challenges from third parties who get too close to the Empress.

The love potion, instead of being an innocent gift, becomes the catalyst for emotional torment for Duke Kaufman and triggers a series of events in the story.

Threats and conflicts provoked by Duke Kaufman’s infatuation

The infatuation unleashed by the love potion leads Duke Kaufman to face various challenges in his quest to protect and be close to Empress Navier.

His uncontrollable passion becomes a source of tension with other characters such as Emperor Sovieshu or later also Heinley, who see his overflowing love as a threat to their own personal interests or relationships. The resulting threats and conflicts pose significant obstacles to Duke Kaufman’s relationship with the Empress and his role in the overall plot of ‘The Remarried Empress’.


With this dive into the other stories related to Duke Kaufman, we enter an ever-expanding universe, where imagination and creativity come together to bring to life alternate versions and new interpretations of the characters and plot. Whether on Pinterest or other platforms, the presence of Duke Kaufman in different contexts invites us to explore and discover the various nuances of his captivating story in ‘The Remarried Empress’.

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Characters related to Duke Kaufman in the novel ‘The Remarried Empress’

The novel ‘The Remarried Empress’ features several characters who have a close relationship with Duke Kaufman. These characters play important roles in the plot and contribute to the development of the story in a significant way. Prominent among them are Navier, Heinrey, Sovieshu and Rashta.


Navier is a central character in the plot of ‘The Remarried Empress’. She is the Empress and her relationship with Duke Kaufman is central to the story. Through her bond with the Duke, different conflicts and emotions are explored that drive the development of the narrative.


Heinrey is another important character in the story. Not only is he the crown prince of the Kingdom of the West, but he also has a close relationship with Duke Kaufman as they initially meet as love rivals.

Heinrey’s involvement in the plot involves his connection with Navier as he finally gets her to accept him as her husband and the role he plays in the events surrounding the Duke whose jealousy will lead him to take unconscionable actions.

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Sovieshu is another character who is related to Duke Kaufman in the novel. He is the Emperor and his relationship with Navier can generate tension and conflict in the plot. The interaction between Sovieshu and the Duke contributes to the complexity of events and decisions that are made throughout the story.

Particularly notable is the moment when Duke Kaufman slams Emperor Sovieshu for insinuating that Navier should adopt his bastard son.


Rashta is a character with a crucial role in the story. She is related to Duke Kaufman. Although there is some rejection in both of them at the beginning, there is a moment when the Duke meets her under the spell of the potion which results in a comical situation.

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Princess Charlotte

Finally, it is implied that Kaufman will settle for betrothal to Princess Charlotte, as a last resort and support for Navier’s family, and prevent Kosair from having to marry her as an arranged marriage.

Charlotte’s story with Kaufman unfolds as she arrives with the idea of requesting a political marriage. But the young woman has no real interest in Kosair. She is a somewhat superficial woman with a taste for handsome men and somewhat bold thoughts that contrast with her educated appearance.

However, the dark-haired man does attract her attention, which Kaufman takes advantage of to approach her so that she becomes more interested in him, and accepts his proposal.

From the last scenes seen, Kaufman is preparing his luggage with a large number of potions (of which Navier will ask her for one).

will he intend to stay in love day by day with Charlotte with them?

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