Navier and Heinrey’s first night – Analysis

The first night from Navier and Heinrey after the wedding - analysis

One thing you don’t think about is that some scenes are very well thought out and prepared. They may naturally develop with the story. But Navier and Heinrey’s first night on their honeymoon makes for a good analysis of why it’s a very well crafted scene….

How the wedding night unfolds

Both Navier and Heinrey are noticeably nervous. It is something they “must do” by tradition and a certain social obligation.

Although it is an arranged marriage, it must be consummated and the idea is to try to have offspring.

However in the remarried empress story… It is neither forced by either party, nor does it feel awkward.

Why is it a so well-prepared scene?

The author has done a very good job of setting up this scene throughout the previous story, so that it doesn’t come across as “unpleasant” as a first night of an arranged marriage might actually be.

Even if it is only for one of the parties who is in love because Heinrey was already in love. Or with more reason, since he is the one in love and she is not, how does it not look awkward?

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We leave you with 5 reasons why this is so below…

And here a little sneak peak to the scene

1 – There is mutual attraction

Although Navier doesn’t love him, it’s more than obvious that she’s attracted to him and likes what she sees….

The fact that she had started to be attracted to him is a plus to make this scene great.

The fact that she had seen him naked and this had caught her attention, is a first step so that, even though she is not in love, she does not see the situation as something she dislikes. Quite the contrary… She’s looking forward to it and has even fantasized about it a bit…. 7u7

2 – It is a totally consensual situation for both of them.

A point that many Manwhas/Mangas/Comics etc and more in this type of dynamic do not always meet…. And in this case is really pleasant because both of them are up for it and show their attitude and willingness to such an encounter.

3 – Her past experience

Also the fact that she is the one with experience helps to make it not look like a bad deal for her.

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She was lucky also that in her first marriage there was some appreciation and she didn’t feel it as something with distaste either.

When she thought that Heinrey wanted to kiss her shortly after arriving in the empire she was already wanting it.

4 – “You will have to guide me”

With him being inexperienced and asking her to be the one to take the lead, apart from how interesting and refreshing it is from the usual, it gives in every way the reins to Navier.

Again we come back to the fact that there is a very clear consent. They both want to.

5 – That Navier is the one who effectively leads

The fact that it is she who takes the reins (apart from how uuuf interesting, that is for the readers) clearly finishes off the play, showing a Navier who is really looking for a “good time” within the compromised of the situation….

Additional details

First kiss

It’s a peculiar thing that may go unnoticed…. But in reality her first kiss happens that night, and it is she who initiates it.

Fear of infertility

Another interesting point is how the next morning, Navier expresses her concern about whether this time she’ll manage to get pregnant

That’s when Heinley explains to her about the manna stone bed. And that she shouldn’t worry, that they’re sure to make it.

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Fandub of Navier and Heinrey’s first wedding night

To finish we leave you with this interesting Fandub of the scene…. In spanish. I haven’t found any in english yet. If you know one or would be willing to take part, write down in the comments!

Enjoy it.

And from there they will enter a couple dynamic with lots of games, provocations, physical contact and love that is 💖😏

Coming soon on Webtoon chapter 128, when the chapter is published we will leave you the link.

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