How old are the characters from remarried empress?

how old are Navier, Heinry, Sovieshu

There is no clear declaration for most of the characters ages, but it can be guessed by some events that happen during the story. I will tell you how old are Navier, Heinry, Sovieshu and most characters, and where you can find the hints.

Ages of the characters here are my own estimations. Feel free to add your opinions at the comments section.

How old are the main characters

  • Sovieshu is 25 years old.
  • Navier is around 24 years old.
  • Heinry is 19 years old.
  • T... I mean, Rashta is around 20.

Secondary characters ages

  • Ergi is more or less like Heinry, so around 19 too.
  • Rebetty must be turning 18
  • Ebely must be around 16-17.
  • Kosair should be a little older as Navier, maybe Sovieshu's age or older.

Korean age?

And it also should be taken into account, that maybe the given hints in the novel may refer to Korean age.

That is one year more of international age where we count 1 year a year after being born, and so on.

In Korean age, they count the time of pregnancy, so a newborn is 1 year old. And they add a year each new year.

*Spoilers* Why those ages?







how old are Navier, Heinry, Sovieshu
Why the peaches? You will know when you get there. But it is the clue.

How old is Sovieshu

Sovieshu's age is revealed in Ch. 205 of the novel, they talk about past events that happened 6 years ago, when he was 18-19. So that's it.

How old is Heinry

Heinry says to Navier on the New year's celebration, at the beginning, that he wishes he would have been born 5 years before. That is clearly meaning he is 5 years younger than her. So he is 19.

How old is Navier

At the Sidestories Ch. 2, on a flashback, they say "Next to him there was a girl a little younger than the emperors son". So Navier is a little younger, 1 or 2 years maybe at most I would guess.

How old is Ergi

Ergi is the same age as Heinry. At the novel sidestories ch. 11 they say Ergi found "a boy his age" that was Heinry.

How old is Rebetty

She is supposed to become 18, because she is having his presentation into society.

Do you know or have guessed some other characters age? Leave a comment 🙂


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