Kosair Trovi of the Empress Divorced: Find out more about Navier’s older brother and his role in history

Kosair Trovi - Koshar - Kosar - Empress Navier's Brother

In the novel ‘The Empress Divorced’, Kosair Trovi is Navier’s older brother and one of the relevant characters in the plot.

His role in the story and his relationship with other characters, such as Navier and Marquis Farang, are some of the topics that will be discussed in this article.

The history of other important characters such as Navier, Heinrey and Lady Mastas will also be explored.

In addition, some curious aspects of the plot will be discussed…..

Kosair Trovi’s story in The Empress Divorced

Kosair Trovi is an important character in the novel ‘The Empress Divorced’. He is the older brother of Navier and Duke Elgy and his role in the plot is pivotal.

Kosair Trovi’s role in the plot of the novel

Kosair Trovi is a cunning and calculating man. Throughout the plot, he becomes an influential character at court, even above the emperor, Sovieshu.

This is due to his ability to control people and handle complicated situations. Kosair is also wealthy and has a wealth of resources at his disposal, making him a powerful rival.

Kosair Trovi is Navier’s older brother, and has been a constant support for Navier throughout the story. In addition to helping his sister, he has also been involved in other major conflicts in the plot. One of Kosair’s most notable moments is when his ability to control the situation turns against him. During a turmoil at court, Kosair’s actions end up unleashing negative consequences, leading to the downfall of several relevant characters in the story, including the emperor.

Relationship of Kosair Trovi with the other relevant characters, such as Navier

Kosair Trovi has a close relationship with Navier and his friend Marquis Falhang.

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The connection with his sister is very strong. Kosair is a great support for Navier and has been present at important moments in his life. However, she has also had disputes with Navier due to their differences of opinion and approaches in certain situations.

The Characters of The Empress Divorced

The novel ‘The Empress Divorced’ features complex and diverse characters, each with an important role in the plot.

You can read about characters in The Empress Divorced here.

The story of Navier, the Empress Divorced

Navier is the main character of the novel ‘The Empress Divorced’. She was empress of the Eastern Empire and divorces her husband Sovieshu to marry Heinrey, her true love.

Throughout the plot, her struggle to find happiness and how this affects the other characters is explored. Navier is a strong and intelligent woman, but she often faces obstacles in her path to get what she wants most.

The conflicted relationship between Navier and Rashta

The relationship between Navier and Rashta is an important subplot in the novel. Her presence causes tension between Navier and her husband Sovieshu.

This eventually leads to divorce and Sovieshu wants to legitimize his daughter with Rashta and thinks that Navier is infertile.

Heinrey, Navier’s true love

Heinrey is Navier’s true love. Although she marries Sovieshu, it is clear that her heart belongs to Heinrey. Throughout the plot, we see Navier’s struggle to get to be with him and the consequences of his decisions. Heinrey is a sympathetic and kind character, and his love for Navier leads him to make significant sacrifices for her.

Kosair Trovi in the Eastern Empire

Kosair Trovi is one of the most important characters in The Empress Divorced, and his story is full of intrigue and politics in the Eastern Empire. In this section, we will discuss some key aspects of her role in the plot and her relationship with other characters.

Maps and information about the Empire and Kosair Trovi’s role in it

  • The Eastern and Western Empires are the main setting of The Empress Divorced.
  • Kosair Trovi is the older brother of Navier, the Empress Divorced, and holds a prominent position in the imperial court as heir to the Trovi family.
  • As a member of the imperial family, Kosair Trovi has political power and is responsible for the administration of some regions of the Empire.
  • He is a hero, fighting bandits and keeping them at bay.
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You can see some map theories here.

Discussions about the relationship between Kosair Trovi and Emperor Sovieshu

  • Kosair Trovi is an important character in the relationship between Navier and her ex-husband, Emperor Sovieshu.
  • It is suggested that Kosair Trovi is one of the few members of the imperial family who does not support the union between Navier and Sovieshu.
  • In the plot, Kosair Trovi has his own motivations and political goals, and does not always agree with the emperor’s decisions.
  • The relationship between Kosair Trovi and Sovieshu is complex and changes as the story unfolds.
  • Sovieshu eventually exiles Kosair because of the problems he creates, such as trying to poison his concubine Rashta with abortifacient drugs or attacking Lord Loteshu to gather information.

The relationship between Kosair and Mastas

Lady Violet Mastas or Masters, one of Emperor Heinrey’s knights, shows an interest from the very first moment in Kosair, since Sir April her brother tells her how good a warrior he is. But his interest is mainly to see his strength.

After a while she finally manages to confront him, and headbutts him so hard that he will be knocked unconscious. Which leads her to believe that he is a weak man and she wants to protect him. She ends up developing romantic feelings for him.

Him seeing that someone loves him, for who he is, with all his lights and shadows…. He ends up reciprocating.

But a foreign princess appears, Charlote de Whitemond asking for Kosair’s hand to which he accepts for his sister.

However Kaufman helps them by proposing to Charlote so that Kosair does not have to marry her.

Finally after a situation with the bandits in which Dame Mastas almost loses her life, they end up together and leave together to protect the empire.

Issues surrounding Kosair Trovi

Fans of The Empress Divorced are full of theories and debates about the characters and plot. In this section we will focus on blogs dedicated to Kosair Trovi, Navier’s older brother.

  • Some translations of his name include Kosar or Koshar.
  • ‘Kosair Trovi: hero or villain?’, fans debate the morality of Kosair’s decisions during the story, especially in his role as the Empire’s protector against external threats.
  • ‘Kosair Trovi: Beyond the Stereotypical Big Brother’, is posited to represent the importance of family in the story, and his evolution from brother protector to respected leader in the Empire.
  • Fans of The Empress Divorced have expressed their love for Kosair Trovi on many blogs and social media pages.
  • In the comments on the novel’s chapters, fans comment enthusiastically about Kosair’s appearances and the actions he takes to protect the Empire and his family.
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Fans of The Empress Divorced have made Kosair Trovi one of the most beloved and debated characters in the novel.

His actions and loyalty to Navier and the Empire have generated many blogs and fan discussions, and his role as Navier’s older brother and leader of the army make him an interesting and complex character.

User comments on Kosair Trovi’s character in the novel

The fan community of ‘The Empress Divorced’ is known to be very active and participatory, and among the most recurring topics of discussion is Kosair Trovi’s role in the plot. Fans’ comments and theories about the character are varied and often passionate, with divided opinions about some of her actions and decisions in the novel.

Some reactions from Kosair Trovi fans in ‘The Empress Divorced’ community

  • “I love Kosair Trovi, she is the most interesting character in the novel. His relationship with Navier and Duke Elgy is complicated but fascinating.”
  • “Kosair Trovi is a very well written character, with a complex personality and motivations that are difficult to understand at times. I like that he is not a one-dimensional character.”
  • “Although I didn’t like Kosair Trovi at first, over time I ended up understanding his motivations and began to like him. He is certainly one of the most interesting and important characters in the novel.”
  • “Am I the only one who doesn’t like Kosair Trovi’s character? I find him arrogant and conceited, I don’t understand why there are so many fans who adore him.”

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