Letters compilation from Heinry and Navier

Letters compilation from Heinry and Navier 👑Remarried Empress Fans👑 2024

I will summarize here all the letters sent between Navier and Heinry. You may want to take a general look, or look for one in particular. Have fun!

Compilation of letters

I’d like to think I’m a little smarter than a bird. I’ve already woken up from my drunken stupor.

Heinry- Webtoon ch. 7

You don’t seem to have woken up at all. What’s the bird’s name?

Navier – Webtoon ch. 7

Is something like that necessary? You can give it a name, if you want

Heinry – Webtoon ch. 8


Navier – Webtoon ch. 8

As you wish, the bird’s name will be “Queen”.
But you must keep in mind that it is male

Heinry – Webtoon ch. 8

I’ve arrived at the imperial palace, can you guess who I am?

Heinry – Webtoon ch. 9

I’m not sure who you are. Do you know who I am?

Navier – Webtoon ch. 9

Shall we make a bet? Whoever figures out who the other is first, wins.

Heinry – Webtoon ch. 9

And what will be the price?

Navier – Webtoon ch. 9

Queen will be the prize.

Heinry – Webtoon ch. 9

Hint, I am a man.

Navier – Webtoon ch. 9

Are you looking for me?

Heinry – Webtoon ch. 9

Yes, I’m trying my best, are you?

Navier – Webtoon ch. 9

I’ve revealed who I am so I can lose the bet. But you don’t even participate. Why?

Heinry – Webtoon ch. 14

Let’s remain pen pals.

Navier – Webtoon ch. 14

Trust me

Heinry – Webtoon ch. 20

(Note with cake) I think baking is another one of my talents. I’d appreciate a compliment or two.

Heinry – Webtoon ch. 22

(More formal letter) I have heard that my older brother is in very poor health. I am worried about him. Do you remember the blue-haired guard? He’s my guard, my secretary and my cousin, but it seems he also wants to be my nemesis these days…

How to get revenge on those who hurt you.
1. What if you took an incredibly handsome, high-born, and generally extraordinary lover?
2. Revenge option 2. Ask Prince Heinrey for help

Heinry – Webtoon ch. 35

I am full of thoughts about you, my queen. My friend. The only person who can comfort me. I need you to comfort me. (Shedding tears).

Heinry – Webtoon ch. 43

I can only give you my sincere condolences.

Navier – Webtoon ch. 43

I wish your majesty were my queen. McKenna keeps nagging me to hurry up and find a queen, but it’s not that easy. How nice it would be if you were queen of the Western Kingdom.

There’s not much time left until the coronation. I think the Eastern Empire will also send a delegation. Could you come as head of the delegation?

Heinry – Webtoon ch. 48

I will try to arrange my schedule so that I can go.

Navier – Webtoon ch. 48

Although you have not given me a definite answer, I know you would have said no if you could not attend. Can I expect your presence? The thought of seeing you again fills me with joy.

Heinry – Webtoon ch. 49

I have some urgent business to attend to around that time, and the trip is very long. So I’m afraid I won’t be able to attend your coronation. I can only give you my sincere congratulations.

Navier – Webtoon ch. 49

(With a ring) This ring is a gift for you, my queen. I would like you to be my queen. After meeting you, my standards for a bride have become impossibly high. I’m disappointed that you couldn’t come to the coronation. Terribly, terribly, devastatingly crushed.

Heinry – Webtoon ch. 55

(Not sent to the end due to McKenna’s singing) There are many brilliant women in the world with a lot of common sense, I’m sure you’ll be able to find the perfect queen.

Navier – Webtoon ch. 55

I am currently organizing the debutante ball.

Navier – Webtoon ch. 55

)Just thinking about what may have happened to you breaks my heart. If you let me know what’s bothering you, I’ll have Mckenna rack her brains to give you some words of wisdom

Heinry – Webtoon ch. 67

I would like to know more about how things are developing on your end. We should plan our next steps together.
Also, please tell me if we can take our time to get things going or if we need to proceed quickly. By the way, I have met your brother. He looks a lot like you. I’m looking forward to seeing you. Can you tell me what your favorite color is and what style of interior you prefer? Let me know and I will prepare your rooms according to your expectations

Heinry – Webtoon ch. 73

The emperor plans to send me away so he can marry his mistress. I heard him promise to divorce me. The sooner we move forward, the better. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that you have met my brother. I want to see you too. Gold is my favorite color.

Navier – Webtoon ch. 74

I am in a nearby place. I would like to talk to you face to face. Please come and see me in Duke Ergi’s room anytime.

Heinry – Webtoon ch. 78
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