Noble titles and hierarchy

Noble titles and hierarchy 👑Remarried Empress Fans👑 2024

If you have read The Remarried Empress, or other medieval stories, novels or Manwhas you will have surely had some doubts about the titles of nobility, what are the differences between king and emperor, since this influences quite a lot in the story with respect to the development of Navier and Heinrey.

Besides clarifying all the other characters that appear, where they would be located.

Nobiliary hierarchy

  • Emperor and Empress: They are the ones who lead an empire. Sovieshu would also be in this rank.
  • King and Queen: They are the ones who rule over a kingdom.
  • Prince / princessthey are the children of the emperors or kings.
  • Archduke / Archduchess. (Similar to the following but of higher rank)
  • Duke / Duchess: This title is usually given to children of the royal family who are not heirs to the throne.
  • Marquis / Marchioness: They were powerful people.
  • Count / Countess
  • Viscount / Viscountess: They were substitutes for the previous ones in case they were missing, in many cases only an honorary title.
  • Baron / Baroness: Persons of certain influence.
  • Lord / Lord / Lady / Lady: Nobles of low rank, would be the middle class.
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All these titles are obtained by birth.

You can see here all the characters of the divorced empress

Special cases

  • Crown Prince / Crown Princess: This is the first in line of succession to the throne. Usually the firstborn, although in many cultures, this title could only be held by men.
  • Consort: A term used for emperors, kings and princes to indicate that the title has been acquired by marriage.

Outside the nobility

  • Commoners: Humble people without titles.
  • Slaves: People who have lost their rights. In the context of the divorced empress it is said that because they or their parents have committed crimes. It would be the case of Rashta.

Frequently asked questions about noble titles

Difference between king and emperor

The difference as well as between kingdom and empire is a question of power and extension of territory. So an emperor rules over a larger territory.

what is an empress?

The empress would be the wife of the emperor.

what is an empire?

Usually it is a larger territorial extension, sometimes with territories far apart.

In some cases an empire may even be divided into regions that have their own king, and the emperor is above them.

You can see the list of Empires and kingdoms in the novel here.

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Why is the Western Empire mentioned at the beginning of the English Webtoon?

This is possibly a translation error, since at the beginning of the story, the West is considered a kingdom

It will not become an Empire until the official celebration of the marriage with Navier, when he will declare Occident an Empire by self-appointing himself emperor.

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