Remarried empress Kdrama or series


Would you like to know if The remarried empress is going to be adapted as a Kdrama or animated series? We will give you here the information we find about it.

The remarried empress screen adaptation

It was said that they are going to film a Kdrama about the remarried empress. This is like a korean tv series.

Personally, I hope I get to see a occidental adaptation of it someday in my life too. This story is really good.

Here you can see the official Webtoon announcement:

Will there be a Kdrama or animated series?

There is still no information on wich kind of screen adaptation will be done, if it will be a Kdrama or animated series.

But there are divided opinions. There are people who would love a real life adaptation as a Kdrama or series production. Others prefer a animated series because they will have more freedom and a real life adaptation could be very expensive to be really good (sceneries, clothing, effects…)

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