Remarried Empress Map (Theory)

Remarried Empress Map (Theory) 👑Remarried Empress Fans👑 2024

Have you thought how would the Remarried Empress world map would look?

Here we give you some theories about how a remarried empress map could look… Tell us yours on the comments!

Hypothetical Remarried Empress Maps

We are unsure on wether the countries on the story (See here a list of kingdoms) can be based on real places or just fictional. But there are some clues given that can give us an idea of how the world would look.

It is clear that the countries are not a specific real setting, as they show a lot of mixed cultures. Both the Eastern and Western empire are ambiented on a European late or post-medieval setting.

Theory one: Asian Countries

Here is a theory elaborated by a fan (and allowed me to post it here). They thought that the map was inspired by the Asian countries.

Remarried Empress Map (Theory) 👑Remarried Empress Fans👑 2024

It is a nice theory, but has some points not considered:

  • The Southern empire doesn’t appear. And well, it is supposed to be at the south.
  • Luipt could be reached by land, but they went by boat. Could make sense anyway. But it would be more probable that they are further appart by sea.
  • Whitemond would for sure be neighbour kingdom to the Western Empire.
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Second theory: Spanish kingdoms

Other theory could be that it was somehow based on the Spanish Kingdoms from the Jaume I and Na-Violant age (See here the theory for the inspiration for Remarried Empress).

Theorical map

Here you can see a made up theorical remarried empress map made following the clues from the novel. It is not exact or real, it is only a theory. But helps a little to understand how it is supposed to be.

The clues used are:

  • The cardinal orientation for the North, South, Western and Eastern empires.
  • The Eastern and Western empires are neighbours.
  • The northern Kindgom/Empire is neighbour to both the Eastern and Western Empires.
  • It makes sense that Bluhovan is both neighbour to both the Eastern and Western Empires, because of the close relationships of the characters, the Isqua family and Ergi stories.
  • Whitemond seems to be a small Kingdom neighbouring the Westen Empire but doesnt seems related to the Eastern empire at all.
Remarried Empress Map (Theory) 👑Remarried Empress Fans👑 2024

More map theories?

Tell us in the comments what do you think, or how did you imagen the Remarried Empress map.

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