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Novel chapter guide 👑Remarried Empress Fans👑 2024

Here you will find the description for some chapters at The Remarried Empress novel on Naver (not all), and specially the important events so you can find them quickly.

Here you have the link to the novel on Naver:

PS: On some other sites there is a different numeration, because they split the chapters. Here I only support the official sites.

Maybe you want also to see the Webtoon chapters guide.

Main events on the story

Beware of the spoilers. There are many.

In which chapter is the divorce

In the novel, the divorce and request for approval to remarry happens in chapter 83(Go to chapter).

In Webtoon it is chapter 80. You can see here the chapter guide of The Empress Divorced in Webtoon.

When does Navier find out that Heinrey is Queen?

In the novel chapter and in chapter 97 (Go to chapter) Heinrey confesses it to him directly knowing that she already suspected it. And in 98 Navier explains to her how he knew.

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Wedding of Sovieshu and Rashta

Sovieshu insists on bringing the wedding forward so that it will be before Navier’s wedding. Sovieshu and Rashta’s wedding dressed as a Christmas tree is in the novel in chapter 107 (Go to chapter) .

In which chapter is the wedding of Navier and Heinrey?

In chapter 116 (Go to chapter) , first empress, is the official celebration of Navier and Heinley’s marriage, and they also officially declare the Western Kingdom as the Western Empire.

In chapter 117 will be the first night (Go to chapter)

In which chapter Heinrey takes a potion

In chapter 119 (Goto chapter) , Grand Duke Kaufman gives Heinrey a magic love potion, to try to make him fall in love with another and leave Navier. But luckily the move backfires on him. Or rat.

When it is known that Navier is pregnant

In chapter 154 (Go to chapter) Navier’s pregnancy is confirmed after having premonitory dreams and Heinley dances in the form of a bird. It is unsure if she was helped by the magic bed or not.

In which chapter is the paternity test

In chapter 180 and 181 (Go to chapter) is when the paternity test of Princess Gloriam is performed, which comes out negative being Sovieshu’s daughter, and positive of being Alan’s daughter.

In which chapter is the trial of Rashta

The trial begins in chapter 196 (Go to chapter) , and in 197 is when Rashta announces that the emperor is eunuch / impotent and Navier comments with his mother that it is possible.

In which chapter does the attack on Navier occur

In chapter 197-198 (Go to chapter) the Duke of Zementia attacks Navier, and Heinrey goes into berseker mode with the culprits. (Well, he disavowed his Casanova side, but not of being somewhat cruel).

In which chapter and how Rashta dies

In chapter 200 (Go to chapter) , Rashta is betrothed and locked in a tower. While there, someone (possibly Artina) leaves her a poison pill. And after hesitating, she finally takes it and kills herself.

When does Sovieshu lose her memory?

In chapter 204 (Go to chapter) Sovieshu throws himself out of a window because he sees visions of Rashta wanting to harm Navier, who has just learned that she has been attacked and in 205 (Go to chapter) he wakes up without remembering anything of what happened the last 6 years.

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Sovieshu asks Navier to be her lover

Yes. He did. On chapter 214 (Go to chapter). The audacity!

Sovieshu asks Navier to come back and accept his son

After talking to Heinley and learning about what happened to Archduke Lilienthal, Sovieshu again asks Navier to come back to him, and tells him that he will accept his son as his own in chapter 224 (Go to chapter).

Dolsy searches for the blue bird

In episode 228 (Go to chapter) Dolsey asks Kaufman for a love potion to try, and just then McKenna appears, and for some reason, she sees him as a bluebird and falls in love.

Navier and Heinley’s babies are born

In chapter 236 (Go to chapter) Navier will give birth to the babies, because there are two of them (that’s why it’s a bit earlier possibly, twins are usually born before the date).

Heinri is trapped

In chapter 240 (Go to chapter) they warn Navier that Heinri has disappeared. And in chapter 241 we see how Angel has trapped Heinri, thinking he is a trained bird luckily.

Sovieshu names Navier’s father as his representative

In chapter 254 (Go to chapter) Sovieshu meets with the Duke of Trovi, Navier’s father, and proposes to be his representative since he cannot appear in public.

In which chapter does Kaufman confess his love?

In chapter 257 (Go to chapter) Kaufman tells Princess Charlett that he loves her, to let Kosair can be with Violet Mastas, since they love each other.

In which chapter Sovieshu sees Navier’s babies

In chapter 259-261 (Go to chapter) Navier and Heinley have gone to the Eastern Empire to create an alliance. Sovieshu has hidden them among the guards.

Navier is happy to be able to show his babies to everyone he knows. And in chapter 261 (Go to chapter) at a party Navier carrying the baby girl meets Sovieshu in the garden and gives him good wishes for the children.

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Happiness: End of the main story

In chapter 262 (Go to chapter) the main plot ends, with Navier and Heinley happy. Also in that chapter Heinley confesses to Navier what happened with his brother Walton, that it was his fault that he lost his power, because he tried to help him as he was very weak. After that he decided to stay away and create his bad reputation to leave his brother in a good place.

In which chapter does Laura think that Navier has a lover?

In chapter 12 (Go to chapter) of the sidestories Navier is trying on Lynt’s clothes and “Queen” (Heinrey in the form of a bird) appears to see that he is well. And just as he finds her so they kiss and he leaves some red marks on her neck. When Laura sees him and without knowing that Heinrey had been there, she obviously suspects that there was someone else.

In which chapter does Heinley appear in Lynt’s sexy clothes?

This occurs in chapter 16 (Go to chapter) of the sidestories (after finishing the main plot).

Heinley surprises Navier dressed in Lynt’s clothes that he bought when he went to see if he was okay.

In which chapter Navier takes a love potion

In Chapter 20 (Go to Chapter) of the Sidestories Navier senses that Heinrey loves her in a deeper way and ponders if she doesn’t love him that much. He finds Kaufman preparing potions, and grabs one from him and takes it to go see Heinley.

Extras about Sovieshu: After the ashes (SPOILERS)

Recently in 2023 new 12 chapters came out. They were an AU / What if story about Sovieshu, if he could travel past in the time. He went to the Divorce, and stopped it last moment (Why there and not before taking Rashta in? Who knows.)

He apologizes, and stays with Navier in this part of the story.

There’s some theories that say maybe it is depicted as something he could be imagining at the end of his life, as it happened with Rashta…

Who knows.

More info

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