List of Countries, Empires and Places

Kingdoms, empires and places in The Remarried Empress

Want to know more about the places, countries, kingdoms and empires from the Remarried Empress?

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Main countries in the Remarried Empress world

Eastern Great Empire

The natal kingdom of Navier, and where she and Sovieshu reign as Empress and Emperor.

The previous emperor was Osis III, father of Sovieshu.

It is known for its magic school and for having a great amount of mages that support the military force.

Western Kindgom

A kingdom also really powerful, but yet not as much as the Eastern Great Empire.

Massive productor of gems.

Has no ports.

The King was Walton III, Heinley’s brother. But after his death, having no children, Heinley inherited the title.

Southern Empire

Empire that neighbours at south of both the Western Kingdom and Eastern empires.

The princess Circe comes from there (See here the characteres).

Northern Empire

Empire that neighbours at north of both the Western Kingdom and Eastern empires. The bandits are usually in this area.

Bluvohan / Blue Bohean

It’s the kingdom where Duke Ergi comes from.

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Luipt / Lynt

The place where the Archduke Kaufman comes from.


It is a small neighbour country to the Western Kingdom, that has a port. Princess Charlotte comes from there (See here the characteres).

Western Empire

At their official wedding, Heinry names himself an emperor, and his kingdom now will be an empire, so Navier will be an empress again. But he had planned to do it anyway at some point.



Wol continent

Continent where most countries of the story are: Western kingdom, Eastern empire, Bluvohan, Southern Empire and Northern Empire and Whitemond.

Hwa continent

Continent where Luipt is, the place where Duke Kaufman comes from.

World Map

Would you like to see how the map would look? Check some theories about the Remarried empress map here.

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