The Remarried Empress season 3 on Webtoon

The Remarried Empress season 3 on Webtoon Remarried Empress Fans 2023

When is season 3 released? When is the wedding of Navier and Heinrey? Is there Hiatus? We solve here all these doubts and offer you news about the Remarried empress season 3.

Last news from December. Remarried empress season 3 release date announced. See below.

End of the season

The second season ended in chapter 122.

Read here the Webtoon episode guide.

When will be the wedding of Navier and Heinley, what’s left before the wedding?

Unfortunately we were left with honey on our lips thinking that soon we would see the long awaited wedding of Navier and Heinley, see Navier’s wedding dress, and if it is like in the Novel or not.

But no, there are still in fact a few events left once season 3 of the webtoon begins.

We still have yet to see possibly before the wedding….

1- Christa’s conversation with Kaufman and more misunderstandings with the brown-haired duke.

2- Arrival of Rashta and Sovieshu to the West

3-Heinley’s dinner with Sovieshu

4-Heinley tells Navier that he should lead the wedding night because he has no experience ?

Season 3 of The Remarried Empress

When will you be back with the new season?

There is no scheduled date yet unfortunately. We will update as soon as we know something.

Will there be a hiatus?

Just like last year a hiatus of 2-3 months is expected. But we have to consider that last year it was extended also from July until November-December. So we just have to be patient.

The artist has posted this on their instagram account:


Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve had news.

A notice from the management was added at the end of episode 122 to provide more detailed information regarding the early termination of Season 2 of the webtoon.

It seems to have caused confusion because I thought that concise writing would be neater than verbose writing, and sparing words. I hope that you understand that it was an inevitable decision and that you will relieve your anger.

I also expected a longer volume for season 2, so I don’t have any regrets, but I think it’s important to maintain good health even if you take frequent breaks to continue long-term work.

The story work is also in the preliminary stage of nearly 200 episodes, but we plan to refinish it all while preparing for season 3.

There seems to be a rumor going around that the writer is on vacation, but it is not true.
(It’s not an environment where you can take a break at will. ㅠㅠ)
We would appreciate your generous understanding of the fact that it takes twice as long to recover once damaged health.

I hope everyone who is watching stay healthy.

Updated: New authors information for the season 3 release

Hello, this is Heary. Thank you for your support for <Remarried Empress>.

Readers have asked us several times about the return schedule.I gave youContacts outside of work are delayed, and it is difficult to give similar answers several times, but

As a reader of several works, I also know the feeling of waiting is hopeless and frustrating enough to understand I hope to be of some help, personally I will write an article.

1. Regarding the request for renewal of the serialization noticeSince the announcement is posted by the serial publication after consulting with related companies, it is difficult to give a definite answer even if you ask me.

As much as we understand the waiting heart, we ask for your understanding that we are not able to post a new notice because it is judged that it is right to deliver accurate information rather than overturning promises several times.

2. Regarding inquiries about the new return schedule, we urgently took an early hiatus, and we tentatively announced the schedule to ease the anxiety of readers rather than waiting without a promise, but the situation is more serious than expected, so we are only now showing improvement. (Since this is not my problem, please forgive me for being cautious about sharing details). It is still difficult to estimate the timing of Remarried empress webtoon return, but since it is an issue that everyone involved is aware of, discussions will likely take place sooner or later.

The content may be insufficient to relieve the mind, but most of the things related to because it is a business matter involving many people, not me alone, or it is not my jurisdiction.

There are many things that cannot be handled only by the author’s own opinion.

I would appreciate it if you could understand this point and broadly understand even if I do not respond to similar inquiries in the future.

The days are getting colder. I hope you are healthy.

Illustator Here Lee


Last news: Date for the Remarried Empress season 3 return

At least we have the release date for the return of the Webtoon, in Korean: It will come back at the 30th Marz, as it is shown in Comic Naver, showing also a Navier in wedding dress preview!!

The Remarried Empress season 3 on Webtoon Remarried Empress Fans 2023

Remarried empress fans team message:

As understanding fans, we send all our support to the team and ask everyone to be patient too. Try not to send more inquiries to authors, maybe only supporting ones.

It is not an easy situation and it is better if we just let them work. They will be back as soon as possible as last year.

Chapter 123 of The Empress Divorced

It will be the first chapter of season 3.

PENDING – Date not confirmed.

Do you want to continue reading?

You can read the novel The Remarried Empress at Naver.

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