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Remarried Empress on webtoon - Season 1

Episode 1 - Intro and divorce scene preview

The story about Navier and Sovieshu is narrated by Navier, and then it jumps to the divorce scene, where she asks for permission to remarry. And goes back some months ago, when the Emperor Sovieshu brought Rastha to the palace and all started.

Episode 2 - Denial

Rumours start expanding about how Rashta is a slave, and that Sovieshu has an interest in her. Navier tries to speak to him, but he doesn't want to speak about her. She starts to worry and feels sad.

Episode 3 - Rashta appears

Rashta looks for the empress on the garden, and pretends to be friendly and pulls her dress. Navier's maids intervene and are rude to her, when Sovieshu appears.

Episode 4 - Laura's punishment and comparissons

Sovieshu punishes Laura to be locked up in a tower for some days for insulting Rashta. Navier comes when the time ends to bring her back and treats her with desserts. Sovieshu is mad with Navier for doing it, and compares Navier with Rashta, who acts docile and sweet with him. Later Rashta and Sovieshu alone, she asks him because he already promised to make her a official concubine / misstress.

Episode 5 - We are sisters now (?)

Word comes to Navier of the preparations for the concubine contract taking place before the new year's party. Rashta has to sign a contract on the event, but she can't write and learns sometimes empresses send presents to concubines. But Navier has no intention on doing so. Heinry is mentioned for the first time as a guest to the upcoming New year's party.

Rashta comes to visit Navier, and pretends that they act like sisters because they have the same husband now (?)

Episode 6 - "Queen" bird first appearance

Navier rejects Rashta and tells her to be "sisters" with the next mistress. Then Rashta sulks with one of the secretaries, she doesn't understand why Navier rejects her.

Navier goes for a walk, and finds a bird with a letter, and answers back. At the end we see as the bird flies away and transforms into Heinry.

Episode 7 - A handmaid for Rashta

Sovieshu asks Navier to help looking for a handmaid for Rashta. Throws a tea party to do it, but no one wants because of the rumours of her being a runaway slave.

The bird comes with a new letter, and Navier kisses it on the head.

Sovieshu scolds Navier because he thinks she was the one spreading the rumors about Rashta.

Episode 8 - The nest

Sovieshu tells Navier if she is jelaous and she tells him he is not her lover so she is not jealous. Navier gets really sad because Sovieshu didn't believe in her and goes to her nest chair to cry. And the bird appears again and comforts her. She names them "Queen".

But "Queen" / Heinry flies and transforms and is not so happy with the name. Blue bird Mckenna appears for the first time.

Navier finds Rashta on her garden, on her nest chair and gets angry. When Sovieshu finds out, scolds Navier again and tells her she changed, then she tells him if his father mentioned his mistresses to his mother the empress and he asks her if she doesn't pities Rashta as her subject.

Rashta is happy because of the fight and she gets a chair.

Episode 9 - Heinry arrives

Navier meets Heinry (human form) for the first time.

At night he comes as Queen with a letter telling her he arrived. And the next days they exchange some more letters and make a bet to guess who is each other.

Episode 10 - New year's ceremony begins

Heinry asks Navier for a tour of the palace, she starts suspecting of him being her pen pal. Rashta wants to tag along, but he rejects her. Navier exchanges some more letters.

The new year's ceremony begins. Navier wears the pearls dress.

Episode 11 - First dance

Rashta also comes to the party, and Sovieshu runs to dance with her.
There are rumors about Navier giving presents to Rashta. Heinry asks Navier for the first dance. Then Sovieshu comes to dance with Navier. And Rashta wants to dance with Heinry.

Episode 12 - Heinry's pen pal

Rashta cries because Heinry doesn't want to dance with her and Sovieshu runs to her. Navier goes away sadly, and Queen comes. Viscountess Verdi says she will quit being Navier's handmaid.

Word spread prince Heinry looks for his pen pal, and Rashta makes her maid go to Heniry and tell him she is the one he exchanged letters with.

Episode 13 - Pen pal deception and Kaufman

Heinry makes a fuss because the maid doesn't know all the letters contents. And Rashta says she was the pen pal.

The time comes for the special dinner. Where Heinry at first was sweet with Rashta but after a while he gets angry because she also doesn't know what were on all the letters. But she cries and Sovieshu defends her and wants to duel Heinry for "his woman's honor".

Episode 14 - Fight over women's honor

Navier stops the duel. Sovieshu admits he sent the gift to Rashta on Navier's name, she wants him to tell everyone but he doesn't want and Heinry walks in, but McKenna takes him away. They talk about their plans, and Heinry sends someone.
Kaufman seems angry.

Episode 15 - Special banquet

Rashta asked to go to the special banquet, Sovieshu asked Navier but she said no.
Navier speaks with Kaufman that is surprised with how things are between her and Sovieshu.

Heinry confesses to Navier he knew she was his pen pal, and that he wants them to be friends.

Episode 16 - Runaway slave

While that, Rashta was at the other nobles party, and there she finds her ex-master Lotteshu, who says in front of everyone she is a slave. They call Sovieshu and he rans there and threatens Lotteshu to not say anything. He calls Navier and blames her for inviting Lotteshu.

Heinry finds her after that and tells her it would have been better if he were born 5 years earlier and met her before. She tells her to see Queen.

Episode 17 - What does Queen eats?

She asks Heinry what Queen eats, he says whatever. So she tries to give him worms.

Lotteshu comes and threatens Rashta to give him money or he will discover her secret baby.

Episode 18 - Upcoming Navier's birthday

Rashta seemed to think the baby had died, and Lotteshu tells her other women would come to try to become mistresses too and that he will help her.
Heinry tells Navier he wanted to stay longer for her birthday. But Sovieshy comes and takes her away. And tells her to go to the imperial villa for her birthday, and about the diplomatic relations with Luipt.

Episode 19 - The handkerchief

Heinry was waiting for Navier, and she gives him her handkerchief. He wants to return it as Queen, and asks McKenna to put it on him, he sees the initials and suspects the secret friend is Navier.
Navier notices Queen's scent is similar to Heinrys and he runs away all blushing.

Episode 20 - Ergi appears and Kaufman is nice

Rashta meets Heinry and tries to speak to him but he doesn't want to. But she is glad he treats her the same even with the rumors.

Duke Ergi comes to the palace and becomes close with Rashta. And tells her to get rid of the rumors they need to create rumors on other person.

Navier meets with Kaufman, who wants her to manage the diplomatic relations with Luipt. Sovieshu comes.

Episode 21 - Do you like foreigners?

Sovieshu gets jelaous and tells Navier if she likes foreigners.
Viscountess Verdi tells Navier that she thinks Lotteshu has something against Rashta. After that Rashta asks Navier for money, but Navier says that must be aproved bu Sovieshu. Then Rashta starts asking about Duchess Tuania.

Episode 22 - Birthday presents

She gets the love potion and Queen brings a cake for Navier with jewels, but she thinks it is too much and Queen cries. He goes looking for Heinry worried for Queen and they talk about Ergi.

Navier goes first to the Imperial Villa because Sovieshu has some work to do. In the way, her handmaid tells her is sad she can't ask for a divorce.

Episode 23 - The imperial Villa

Sovieshu prepares to go to the Villa. Rashta stays behind upset and worried. When Sovieshu arrives to the Villa he is a little sick, but tries anyway to flirt with Navier.

Episode 24 - Sovieshu is sick

Navier rejects Sovieshus's advances. Later Queen comes to see her, but Sovieshu collapses and she goes to take care of him.
In the meantime Loteshu asks Rashta for money and she gives him some rings. When word comes Sovieshu is ill and will stay longer, she becomes worried they are lying and want to spend more time together.

Episode 25 - Duchess Tuania tea party

Navier takes care of Sovieshu, and asks him if he wants that they bring Rashta (so she can go back and work), but he doesn't want.

One week later they can come back, and Navier has a lot of work for some days.

Duchess Tuania rents the Crystal Palace to throw a tea party, and Ergi comes with Rashta who makes nasty comments about the Duchess about her having 5 lovers.

Episode 26 - Ergi's warning

Duke Ergi speaks with Navier, about how he and Heinry are friends, and to warn her about him being two-faced and has been preparing something. Sovieshu finds them, and tells her again what does she have with foreigners and to be careful. She says she will look for a local lover then.

Sovieshu notices Rashta is not wearing a ring he gave her that was magical, and she says she gave it to a poor maid.

Episode 27 - The magic ring

Rashta tries to recover the ring, but Loteshu has sold it. And she asks him to look for rumors about Duchess Tuania. She also tells Navier not to get close to Ergi, because he is the only friend she has.

Later at dinner, Sovieshu asks Navier for the magical healing ring that she has. She knows he already had one and asks why, and knows it is for Rashta, and says that she will if he also lends her something to lend her a local lover, and he gets angry.

After that she goes for a walk and finds Heinrey with the blue bird, and asks him about what his plan is.

Episode 28 - The plan

Heinry says he doesn't want to lie to her, and Navier says it's ok if he don't want to tell her. But he is sad afterwards speaking with McKenna, and says he is much into her as he thought.

And Navier asks Sir Artina to look on Heinrey and Ergis movements before coming to the palace.

Loteshu comes back with a story about Lady Nian (Duchess Tuania now), and how it is rumored her son is from her husband's brother instead, who went to live into a temple and later killed himself. And they plan to make more rumors about how she visited him there.

Episode 29 - Wilwol

Sovieshu finds the ring looking for a new one, gets to know who really sold it, and asks Rashta about it, but she denies eing blackmailed.

Navier goes to Wilwol to visit Evely and talks with the decan about the decreasing number of mages, and about the top students at the school: Kaufman and Heinrey. Just then she meets Heinrey who asks her to go have dinner together, and she asks him for his powers.

Episode 30 - I can fly

Heinry confess that I can fly, but no more details, and she asks her if he could carry her.

When she comes back, finds out there was a huge fuss, because Duke Ergi held a party and there was a fight between Ergi, one of Ergi's previous lovers, and Duchess Tuania.

Queen comes back, and tries to pick her up. Next day, Rashta asks her about her allowance as a mistress and for some money, but Navier says she must ask Sovieshu. Later Rashta tells Ergi what happened, they talk about how Navier is totally an Empress and he offers to lend her the money she needs.

Episode 31 - I want to be like you

But Ergi asks that she tells him for what, and she tells him the truth.

Navier is planning a masquerade ball, but notices Rashta is following her, and she says she wants to be like Navier. Navier says she shouldn't because people like her the way she is, but do as she wants only that she doesn't want to see her.

A few days later, at the masquerade ball, Rashta appears wearing a dress quite similar to Navier. But Sovieshu sides with Navier saying he told her to wear a red dress.

Episode 32 - Masquerade ball

Navier and Sovieshu talk for a while. Rashta sees them and feels a little jealous, but takes the ocassion to talk with the Duke Tuania.

4 days later, the Duke asks for a divorce. And 4 days later more, Viscount Landre stabs Rashta.

Episode 33 - Rashta stabbed and pregnant

Rashta was stabbed by Viscount Landre who loved Duchess Tuania, and Ergi saved her. When the doctor looks after her, notices that she is pregnant.

Sovieshu is really happy (and really? the best thing he thinks of) goes to see Navier and tells her, and to raise her allowance. Queen was at the window, heard everything, and is really surprised. Jumps and hugs her. And later comes as Heinrey and asks her for a hug as a friend to comfort her.

Later, Duchess Tuania comes looking for Navier to ask her to save Viscount Landre.

Episode 34 - Viscount Landre punishment

As Rashta was pregnant, Viscount Landre will be punished for putting the emperor's son in danger, and will be executed without a trial.

Navier goes to talk with him in the cell to have more information, and he tells her all was caused by Rashta and Viscount Loteshu, and that he has a report with all the details.

With the report, Navier asks Sovieshu to lessen the punishment to banishment, or she will take Rashta also to law.

Episode 35 - Look for a lover

At the end, Sovieshu accepts in exchange of the reports.

After that, Navier finds Queen with a letter, more formal than usual telling her that his brother is in bad health, and also to look for a lover or ask him for help to get revenge (See letters). Then appears as a human, and they go for a walk and talk.

Sovieshu asks for his secretary to keep the reports.

Rashta is happy because Sovieshu cares for her and the baby. But Ergi comes back and confirms that the baby Loteshu has is her son.

Episode 36 - Love potion

Ergi offers Rashta to lend her the money she needs for Loteshu.

Navier learns that Loteshu moves to the capital, and thinks she can be blackmailing Rashta.

Navier finds in a drawer the love potion she received, and takes the chance to ask Kaufman on a meeting about trading with Wol. Kaufman tells her that it is real, and that she should use it on the emperor. She doesn't believe him, and he tries it in front of her, and that he has an antidote. And at that moment, Sovieshu comes.

Episode 37 - In love with Navier

Kaufman tells Sovieshu he looks dashing, and Sovieshu runs away. But Kaufman is totally flushed and is totally atracted to Navier, so he leaves to take the antidote. The next day comes to see her again, and tells her the antidote didn't work, and confesses he sent the potion to her.

Heinrey comes to see Navier, and tells her his brother is worse, and that maybe he will have to go soon. Kaufman sees them and becomes jealous.

Episode 38 - Punch him!

Heinrey and Kaufman almost fight, when McKenna comes and takes Heinrey. Kaufman and her stay speaking about jealousy, when Sovieshu appears and tells her wich one she prefers, and that she must behave. And then Kaufman punchs him (yeah).

Then we see how Heinry thinks about how he was curious about Navier and the rumors around her at first, but later she knew her more and fell for her. And now he has a letter that he has to return.

Episode 39 - A mistress is a mistress

The guards come when Kaufman punches Sovieshu, and Navier stops them. But Sovieshu says he won't allow the trade deal.

Queen comes for a hug and flies away.

Navier asks Sovieshu to reconsider the trade, but he doesn't want, and asks her if she wants it really for the country or to be close to Kaufman. Navier answers he should take care of Rashta's love life, not hers. He says "a mistress is a mistress but you are the empress" and Rashta was hearing.

Episode 40 -

Loteshu asks Rashta for a lot of money for a house and servants. She runs to Ergi and Navier sees them. Then she encounters Heinry that comes to say goodbye. He also tells the emperor, who thinks Kaufman must be Navier's lover.

Also Duchess Tuania leaves, and tells Navier she will help her if she needs, and that she will look for Viscount Landre.

And Navier feels lonely because of her friends leaving.

Episode 41 - A cold

Navier catches a cold and waits for the birds to come. They tell her his brother is coming, and she gets worried because of his temper.

Then she got too busy because she had to organize the emperor's baby party (why her?). Sovieshu comes and tells her she should care about the baby, because maybe she will have to adopt it if they don't have another baby. She (obviously) doesn't agree and leave.

When Kosair arrives and hears about the emperor having a mistress who is pregnant gets really mad.

Episode 42 - Brother

Kaufman comes to Navier and tells her he is leaving to look for another trading partner and a cure for the potion. But proposes her to go with him, and she refuses because she is the empress and has responsabilities.

Kosair comes with presents for Navier and sees about the upcoming party and is really angry.

Episode 43 - King Heinrey

The king Walton III passes away and tells Heinrey to look for a wife, and to take care of his sister in law. Now he becomes the king.

McKenna comes with a letter from Heinrey who asks Navier for comfort.

Loteshu asks Rashta for more money, and tells her he brought his daughter and son.

Episode 44 - The perfect queen

Navier thinks that it would be good to get pregnant, but that would be complicated with the situation. And also she speaks with the handmaids about the presents for the baby.

Heinry must prepare his coronation and his brother funeral. And only thinks about Navier and how good it would be to have her with him, and is preparing the invitations. But Mckenna keeps nagging him to look for another person to be his queen (no sorry, but no).

Episode 45 - Baby's party

The day of the baby party comes, and Navier gifts a decorative sword to Rashta, and tells her she wishes the baby life be like that. She doesn't understand till Ergi explains to her, and then she cries because she offended "the prince or princess" and Sovieshu takes her away.

Episode 46 - Prince or princess? (you wish)

Sovieshu explains Rashta that her baby won't be royalty, but if the empress is infertile, she will adopt the baby and then they will become a prince or princess.

When Navier takes a walk with his brother, they meet Rashta and they are quite harsh to one another, but when she says Navier might be infertile and adopt the baby, Koshair can't hold it anymore and yells at her, and she falls and start crying.

Episode 47 - Rashta lies again

Rashta shouts saying her stomach hurts and people come. Sovieshu gets worried for the baby, and she tells him lies and that Koshair shoved her. And Sovieshu bans Kosair from palace.

In the Western Kingdom Heinry is forced to meet some Ladys.

Episode 48 - Navier at fault again?

The lady fight with Christa (old king widow) and Heinry takes her side as his brother asked and the lady leaves.

Heinry asks Navier to come to his coronation.

But they found abortion drugs on Rashta's meals, and Sovieshu blames Kosair, and tells Navier to find out and apologise if he is right.

Episode 49 - Apology

Navier investigates and speaks with Sir Fahlan who confesses.

Official invitation letter comes for Heinreys coronation, and Sovieshu says both him and the empress can't go, but he will send a delegation. McKenna also brings another letter and she answers she can't go.

Navier comes to apologise to Sovieshu, but he says he will let it go for her, but it should not happen again.

Episode 50 - What's Ergi doing?

McKenna explains to Heinry what is happening. And he asks him to take a letter to Ergi.

Sovieshu make another party to cheer Rashta. But Lebetti and Alan come and Rashta get really angry, and goes to Ergi who just received the letter from Heinrey, and tells Rashta the best way to protect herself is to become the empress.

Episode 51 - Become the empres

Ergi tells Rashta she could become the empress. That she could become fake parents to be a noble, and that she should study. And that commoners would love her because she is like them.

Sovieshu's secreaties tell them there are people investigating on Rashta, and he wants to know who they are.

Episode 52 - Lebetti

Loteshu asks Rashta to look for a dress for Lebettis debutant ball.

Navier invites Lebetti for a tea, and invites them to a later tea party for young ladies.

Episode 53 - Smile

Rashta gets mad a Lebetti and suspicious.

Sovieshu and Navier talk about the crease of mages. And he tries to make her smile with a ring. But she is not impressed.

Episode 54 - Young ladies tea party

Rashta is sad because she is not invited to Navier's tea party for young ladies. And Ergi convinces her to throw another party to look pitiful.

In the meantime Kosair investigates and gets to know that Loteshu is spreading rumors, probably for Rashta. When Navier knows, she says that she can't do the same, and to take a look at Ergi because maybe he's the one behind it if the people also talk badly about Sovieshu.

Episode 55 - Coronation's day

Heinry is now the king. And he tells how he plans on using Rashta as a decoy for any criticism, and go to war, and later punish all that spoke ill of Navier.

McKenna comes with a letter and a ring for Navier that says he wants her to be his queen.

Rashta orders a dress for Lebetti the same as hers. At the debutante ball, to make fun of her. But Navier intervenes for Lebetti giving her cape.

Episode 56 - Loteshu keeps asking for money

Navier beggins suspecting of the baby Loteshu keeps. Also Sovieshu tells him not to go so often to see Rashta. But he feels offended, and also scolds Rashta for making fun of Lebetti. Sovieshu tries again to get Rashta to tell him if Loteshu is blackmailing her, but she is afraid to tell him.

Episode 57 - Sovieshu's suspicions

Sovieshu trust Rashta for now. But he knows Kosair and the Empress are also digging into her past. So she tells Navier to stop. And she orders her people to stop.

Sovieshu goes for a while to investigate about the mages problem.

Episode 58 - Kosair's wrath

She also calls Sir Falhan to tell her brother to stop. But his brother is still on it, and Loteshu sends some people to get him. He gets really mad and kidnaps him and tortures him to get the information. Loteshu then confesses she had a baby and she was a slave, and that there is a document.

Episode 59 - A baby

Sovieshu's people hear everything and tell him, and arrest Kosair.

Alan comes to see Rashta and takes her some strand of her baby's hair, thinking she would like it. She is mad at him, but takes it.

Sir Falhan comes and tells everything to Navier,

Episode 60 - Wrong decission

He thinks at first she abandoned the baby, but then encounters the baby hair, and thinks she also cared for the baby. And she decides to divorce, because he thinks is a good plan, so he can make Rashta his empress for a while, and have an legitimate heir.

Word comes to Navier that Ebely is losing her powers, and she wants to write her. Also asks when will her brother be freed, and Sovieshu that he will be unofficially banished to protect his child.

Episode 61 - Worst decision ever

Sovieshu explains that Kosair beated Loteshu. Navier asks herself if he already knows all.

Sovieshu meets with Rashta and tells her about his plan, to become the empress for a year so the baby will be royalty and that he will divorce Navier.

But Navier was there and hears, because Viscountess Verdi makes her come near to the room.

Episode 62 - What did I just heard?

Navier just heard only that he wants to divorce and make Rashta the empress and runs back.

She is really sad, and decides to go in person to see Ebelie, so she can go out for a bit. Sovieshu agrees because he can make thinkg in the meantime.

Navier gets to Wilwol and goes to the place where she and Heinry had dinner before...

Episode 63 - I will be your queen

She finds Heinry there, and they sit together. He says again he would be happy if she were his queen, and she says what if she agreed.

She goes to see Ebelie, and is quite sad. Heinrey waits for her, and they walk around the magic school gardens. And she tells him how she feels the same as Ebelie who loses what she is. And asks him if he would really take her as his queen, she will be.

Episode 64 - Arranged marriage

He says he is really happy, and that he will make her happy too. But she says she won't care if he finds someone else he loves... And he is a little sad, but asks her what happens and still won't reconsider. But some people come and interrupt so they must part ways.

He understands that she only wants to keep on a throne... but doesn't worry because they will have time to get closer.

Episode 65 - Burn letters T_T

when Navier comes back, finds that Kosair is already banished, and also, that he made the guards look into her things and Heinry's letters are gone.

She comes to have dinner with Sovieshu, who asks about the magic and Ebelie, who volunteered for the investigation of magic loss.

Navier asks if he looked into his room, and Sovieshu takes out the letters and burns them, and warns that all the birds will be shot.

Episode 66 - Roasted blue bird

Navier look for a cloth to signal the danger for the birds.

Heinry tells Mckenna that she agreed to marry, and to get her another letter and ask her for the details. But when Mckenna comes doesn't understand and gets shot by an arrow.

Short after that, (that d*** of ) Sovieshu send her a roasted bird with blue feathers and she faints.

Episode 67 - Hurt bird

Rashta found the bird and thought it could belong to Ergi, so she tells him. Ergi takes care of the bird.

Navier wakes up with her head hurt and Sovieshu is with her, but she is really mad at him and disgusted for what happened. She goes to look for Ergi to tell Heinry... And founds McKenna there.

Episode 68 - Are they birdbrains?

Navier tells Ergi to tell Heinrey that the blue bird was killed, and not to send more.

Rashta is imagining Ergi and Heinry or maybe Ergi and McKenna have some kind of romantic relationship.

And Navier is starting to join the dots, asks the mages about humans transforming into birds as she thinks maybe McKenna is the bird. And that maybe Queen could be human too. Then she finds that Sovieshu sent her a gift.

In the meantime, a man from Heinry comes looking for Kosair to take him to the Western Kingdom.

Episode 69 - Blue bird gift

Rashta is worried because the emperor sent a gift to Navier. And when he sees the bird returned, she takes it, and plucks some feathers saying it was already like that. She wants to keep the bird but Sovieshu says he will keep it. Rashta suspects maybe he still has feelings for Navier.
Sovieshu asks his secretary to look more for Rashta's bill of sale because he wants to destroy it to protect the baby, and also, to look for fake parents for her.

Episode 70 - Fake parents

Navier comes to Ergi looking for mcKenna but he already left. And she asks Ergi if McKenna is a bird. But he doesn't answer.
A few days later there is a meeting where the supposed parents of Rashta appear, both the ones Sovieshu and Ergi brought.
Rashta is happy they did that for her. Ergi tells her to choose.

Episode 71 - Choosing parents

Ergi tells Rashta to chose who will be her parents, and that she must treat thm like real parents.
Sovieshu thinks he is a fool and that he is acring like his father or worse. and he writes the letter asking for divorce.

Episode 72 - Rashta's fake parents and Kosair goes to Western Kingdom

Rashta aknowledges the parents Ergi brought.
Kosair goes to the western Kingdom and meets Heinry that tells him about the arranged marriage and that he likes Navier.

Episode 73 - Brother-in-law

Kosair is a little shocked with the things Heinry says but trusts him and is ok with him. They talk about the problem with communication and Kosair suggest sending the letters through Sir Falhan. Navier is thinking the same, when Sir Falhan appears to visit with a letter from Heinry. (See letters).

Episode 74 - Letters again and The false parents say Kosair hired them

Navier replies the letter and start to make plans in her head.
Rashta struggles with learning and Sovieshu gets a little angry.
Navier learns about the lies the other false parents are saying and goes to visit them.

Episode 75 - The High priest comes

The false parents say Kosair hired them but Navier proves it is false in front of Sovieshu but he doesnt change his mind. And the High priest will come soon, so Navier sents Artina to sent another letter, but Sir Falhan is gone, so she must go after him.

When the High priest comes, Sovieshu tells him his reasons for divorce and about the infertility problem.

Episode 76 - The damned cookies story

Sovieshu tells the hight priest the story about the cookies that probably made Navier infertile.

Episode 77 - Queen arrives

Loteshu is mad with Rashta and her fake parents. Rebetty learns about Navier divorce and is really upset and visits Navier and says she wants revenge for her.
Heinry arrives at night flying as Queen, and is a little hurt by an arrow.

Episode 78 - Waiting closer than usual

The letter Queen brings tells her to meet the next day, and sleeps next to her as a bird. Sovieshu makes the divorce announcement.

Episode 79 - Tea together, plans and accountability books

Navier goes to meet Heinry and they talk about the situation, plan what to do at the divorce trial, and about what she wants to do after marrying.

Episode 80 - The divorce and remarriage

Finally the divorce day comes, but Navier has all arranged and Heinry appears right on time to ask for remarriage.

Episode 81 - After the divorce and house arrest

Navier and Heinry speak to the handmaids and Navier's parents after the divorce, and they go to the Trobi house where Heinry plans on winning his parents-in-law. But once they are there, soldiers appear guarding the house.

Episode 82 - Sovieshu's rage

Sovieshu wants to stop Navier from leaving and looks for a way to cancel her remarriage. Appears and throws a huge tantrum in front of the house. Later he understands retaining a king is not a good idea, and sends Ergi to take only Heinry. But Ergi talks with Navier and thinks otherwise.

Episode 83 - Running away to the Western Kingdom

Sovieshu asks Ergi to take Heinrey out, only him. Sayint there won't be a problem because she is not so important... Hahaha... really, Sovieshu, really?

Episode 84

Sovieshu wants to find a way to nullify Navier and Heinley's marriage, but there is nothing they can do.

The Duke Ergi goes to take Heinley, but also helps Navier go out too.

Then some people helps Navier to go out from the Empire, and Heinley goes alone.

Episode 85

Heinley picks her up past the border, with only ONE horse, so they ride together.

Heinrey mentions for the first time the "special bed" that they will share.

McKenna waits them near the capital with a carriage... and asks where is the other horse he sent.

Remarried Empress on Webtoon - Season 2

It is announced that the next season will return on the Chinese site in November. So it is supposed that it will come later on english and other languages.

Remarried empress season 2 webtoon when does it come out

Episode 86 / 90 ?

On the chinese site, there are some extra chapters, so the first episode of the 2nd season will be the 86 in english and 90 in chinese.

See here.

(Coming soon, in November ? )

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