Duke Ergi and his backstory

Duke Ergi, Ergy or Elgi (we know, theme translations)is one of the more enigmatic characters in The Remarried Empress story. A lot of people asks themselves why Duke Ergi acted like that? He introduces himself as a friend of one of the main characters, Prince Heinley, but they don’t seem to get along so well.… Continue reading Duke Ergi and his backstory

New year’s celebration on Remarried empress

Looking for information to create a chronology of the remarried empress , I guessed the New years would be based on Korean new years and celebration. And it seems it is right.

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Novel chapter guide

Here you will find the description for some chapters at The Remarried Empress novel on Naver (not all), and specially the important events so you can find them quickly.

Thoughts about Navier’s nest chair

How you could think Navier’s “nest chair” was reading the novel… How it looks on the Webtoon ? It looks like a real nest. Foreshadowing or what? hehehe What do you think? Tell me in the comments section.

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How to read remarried empress novel in english?

Do you want to read Remarried Empress novel on Naver in english or any other language? Here I tell you how you can easily do it. IMPORTANT NOTE:From 16th December 20201 only the first 6-10 chapters are available for free at Novel Naver that is the official website explained below.Remember to support the authors.

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