Sovieshu and his mistakes

Sovieshu and his mistakes 👑Remarried Empress Fans👑 2024

Yes, Sovieshu the emperor of the East, also called Soviet, Sovietshu, or Soviet screwed up to the bottom. And on top of that he dares to wonder what he did wrong? Well, let’s know a little more about him, and then let’s make a list…

Who is Sovieshu

Sovieshu Vikt (can also be translated as Soviets or Sovietsu) is the current emperor of the Eastern Empire and ex-husband of the protagonist Navier. He is the one who gives rise to the story by bringing in a prospective lover during the absence of his then-wife, triggering the series of events that lead to the actual divorce taking place and the protagonist being able to marry again.

About Sovieshu

He is the successor and only son of Emperor Osis III and his wife (name still unknown, although there is evidence that he is related to the Trovi house, from which Navier originates). He is 25 years old and his physical appearance is tall, athletic and elegant, with pale skin, jet black hair and gray eyes.

His personality is difficult and contradictory, as he is extremely arrogant and does not like to be told that he is wrong, in addition to the fact that at the beginning of the story he is shown as someone selfish who seeks affection and constant attention, which he does not find in his wife, thus bringing a lover of simple actions and that give him what he needs to feed his ego. However, he tends to show compassion and for helpless beings, as well as implement actions that protect the things he considers most valuable.

Sovieshu Emperor of the East

As emperor he has a better behavior, since he looks for the welfare of his people, is dedicated and is aware of what is happening in his empire, however his judgment is clouded by the feelings he has for Rastha and later by the departure of Navier, which causes him to step away from the throne to heal physically and emotionally.

Failed arranged marriage

His personal relationships were full of mistakes and constant miscommunication, which led him to the worst possible results, caused by his impulsive and irrational actions. In the first place we will mention Navier, who was his life partner since childhood, with whom he shared many moments and strict education to become the best emperors, generating that both were prepared to rule, but not to express their emotions, nor to cope with a marriage.

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It is clear that despite being an arranged marriage, mutual feelings did develop, but due to his mistakes, it was too late when he was able to identify them and try to express them.

Rashta, the lover

As for Rastha, the mistress and later official concubine, Sovieshu also developed feelings for her. Although less deep than those he had for Navier.

However, the intensity with which he lived constantly clouded his judgment, implementing actions that hurt the person he loved the most by pushing her away from his side.

He hid several crimes committed by the albino, hoping that the baby she carried in her womb would be worth every justification and sacrifice. When he found out that Glorym was not his daughter, together with the confirmation of his suspicions of sterility (caused by some cookies he consumed as a child, which had substances that caused infertility) and the birth of his ex-wife’s children, lead him to a severe depression full of alcoholism, which causes constant delirium until he almost died after falling from a balcony.

You can find the specific chapters of these events here.

Memory loss

The fall causes him to have a temporary regression in his memory and during the day he has the consciousness of his 19 year old self, while at night the mature and experienced man. All the events that occurred and his bipartite memory force him to stay away from the throne for a while, as well as contemplate the idea of leaving his empire in the hands of one of the crown princes of the West.

Where Sovieshu Went Wrong (Spoilers)

There is a moment in the novel where he wonders. “Where did I go wrong?”

Well, the list is quite long….

  1. He took some cookies that weren’t meant for him without permission.
  2. He blamed his father’s mistress for preparing the cookies with abortifacient medication.
  3. He never told Navier about any of this.
  4. He did not tell Navier that he loved her and expected more than just a marriage of convenience until it was too late, already divorced.
  5. He brought a woman to the palace without informing his wife.
  6. He did not want to talk about it when his wife asked him.
  7. Sovieshu made Rashta a concubine also without notice.
  8. He did not keep Rashta away from Navier nor did he warn her to do so.
  9. Unconscionably punished Laura, Navier’s lady for insulting Rashta when she defended Navier.
  10. Getting angry because Navier celebrated Laura when she went out.
  11. Comparing Navier to Rashta… For God’s sake, Sovieshu!
  12. Demanding Navier to find Rashta a lady.
  13. Accusing Navier of spreading rumors that she was a slave.
  14. Dumped Navier at the New Year’s ball twice.
  15. Sent gifts to Rashta on Navier’s behalf.
  16. Didn’t believe Navier when he said Rashta was lying about being Prince Heinrey‘s card carrying friend.
  17. Sovieshu almost started a duel with a member of the royalty of a neighboring country because of his mistress…
  18. Saying that it was for defending his wife’s honor besides!
  19. Sovieshu did not want to take responsibility for having sent the gifts and denied that it was the empress.
  20. He asks Navier to give up a place at the special banquet to Rashta.
  21. He then blames her for knowingly inviting Loteshu to harm Rashta.
  22. She wanted to borrow Navier’s magic healing ring for Rashta.
  23. She blamed Navier every time she approached any man despite having told him that she had the right to have concubines.
  24. She misunderstood the situation many times assuming that Navier had something going on with Kaufman or Heinley….
  25. He made no issue of Duke Ergi becoming close friends with Rashta.
  26. He blamed Navier for being involved in the food with abortifacient drugs given to Rashta.
  27. Burned Navier’s letters.
  28. He had messenger birds carrying letters to Navier shot.
  29. He sent him a roasted bird with the blue feathers of the bird they had shot.
  30. He tried to compensate by sending him a blue bird – fatal Sovieshu, fatal!
  31. He didn’t put Rashta in her place for calling Navier infertile.
  32. He accused Koshar of bringing in the fake parents for Rashta.
  33. Telling Navier that he could adopt Rashta’s baby to make him the official heir.
  34. Have Navier organize Rashta’s baby shower.
  35. Sovieshu did not explain to Rashta beforehand that her baby would not be royalty.
  36. Attempting to win Navier over simply with expensive gifts.
  37. Never informed Navier about his plans that the divorce would only be temporary.
  38. He asked Navier for a divorce, all by himself!
  39. He ordered not to let Navier and Heinrey leave the empire after they were married.
  40. He went to make a scene at Trovi’s house.
  41. He keeps blaming Navier, now he says he does that for revenge.
  42. He sent Ergi to get Heinrey out of the house, and in the end he got Navier out too.
  43. He trusted that Rashta’s son was his.
  44. He wanted to get his own way by hastening his marriage to Rashta.
  45. At his own wedding he was more attentive to Navier than to his wife.
  46. Just married he asked Navier to come back to him.
  47. He went to make a scene with Navier later at his wedding.
  48. He drank.
  49. He did not disclose Rashta’s crimes to later bring them out when necessary.
  50. He thought about getting Rashta out of the way and keeping the baby.
  51. He jumped out of a window. Just like that.
  52. He could think of nothing better than to go and spend some time at his ex-wife’s palace to “recuperate”.
  53. He asked her to come back again.
  54. He asked her to be his concubine.
  55. He told her he would accept her son.
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Top phrases he should never have said to Navier

“It’s true because you don’t love me”

“You marry this boy to get revenge on me right?”

“You really are evil”

“I only asked you to lend me the ring and you behave like this”

“Just because I say the right words doesn’t mean I’m a good man I am a good man”

“That’s why sometimes I can’t stop comparing them”

“I love you” (Not after he divorced her)

“I will accept your son as mine”

“Let me be your concubine”

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