Navier and Heinrey’s first night – Analysis

One thing you don’t think about is that some scenes are very well thought out and prepared. They may naturally develop with the story. But Navier and Heinrey’s first night on their honeymoon makes for a good analysis of why it’s a very well crafted scene….

Noble titles and hierarchy

If you have read The Remarried Empress, or other medieval stories, novels or Manwhas you will have surely had some doubts about the titles of nobility, what are the differences between king and emperor, since this influences quite a lot in the story with respect to the development of Navier and Heinrey. Besides clarifying all… Continue reading Noble titles and hierarchy

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Sovieshu and his mistakes

Yes, Sovieshu the emperor of the East, also called Soviet, Sovietshu, or Soviet screwed up to the bottom. And on top of that he dares to wonder what he did wrong? Well, let’s know a little more about him, and then let’s make a list…

Heinrey – All about the Western empire prince and his story

The prince charming of the story, Heinley (Or Heinri, or Heinrey depending on where you read it, as translations change) is really adorable. And he has a lot of things that fans love…. Let’s compile some of them, and see some of his history and curiosities. Leave yours in comments!