The Magical bed of manastone at the Western Kingdom

The Magical bed of manastone at the Western Kingdom 👑Remarried Empress Fans👑 2024

In the Western Empire they have a special bed, which in theory plays a relatively important role in the story of The Empress Divorced (apart from being the place where Navier and Heinley will have their amorous encounters once they are married).

We now tell you more about why this bed is so special and our theories about how it works….

What does Heinley mean by the special bed?

Heinrey comments to Navier, already on their way to the Western Empire when they go on horseback together, that they have a shared room there, with a special bed.

Why it is special is explained to him after the wedding night (Chapter 118 in the novel, you can see it here).

(You can also see the chapter’s guide of the novel)

How is the special bed made?

The special bed is made of magic stones also called mana stones (manastones). This type of stones is very common in magical worlds, and they are a storehouse of mana, like a pile let’s say.

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How does the mana bed work?

How magic works

To get an idea of how magic works, we can understand it as working similar to electricity. It can be transmitted by contact, and it can be stored.

How the bed would work

Case 1 – Mage + Mana Stone

If a mage comes into contact with a mana stone, mana will circulate between the stone and the mage, and the mage will normally be able to draw additional power.

In the case of the bed, as the magician lies on the bed, the mana circulates between the bed and the magician.

The Magical bed of manastone at the Western Kingdom 👑Remarried Empress Fans👑 2024

The mage must have enough power so that the opposite effect does not occur and the stone may “drain” too much mana from him.

Big spoiler
(something we know that Heinley was able to force, and was in theory the only one who could do it, causing the stones to drain mana taking power away from the mages (it was not always required contact with it, as some had simply left them in strategic places hidden reducing the mana of the area and thus the appearance of mages).

It is also known that he discovered this by accident, trying to help his brother who had been born weak. Instead of helping him, he drained him of his power

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Case 2 – A non-magician in the magical bed

In the case of a mage lying on the magic bed, nothing would happen. The mana does not circulate.

The Magical bed of manastone at the Western Kingdom 👑Remarried Empress Fans👑 2024

Case 3 – Non-magician between the bed and the magician

However, in case a non-magician was located between the bed and the magician, the mana would circulate between the bed and the magician passing through the non-magician.

In this case, in addition, the magician can block the entry of part of the mana back (as if closing the switch) which will then remain in the non-magician, and will accumulate. This accumulated power can make powers appear, as well as improve the health of the non-magician (especially the reproductive).

The result would be similar to how a magnet, an electric current or a magnetic field can manage to magnetize a metallic object that is not a magnet, and still continue to magnetize other metallic objects afterwards.

What is the purpose of the bed?

Obviously, although it is not explained in the story, the bed was created for the purpose of increasing the fertility of royal couples, to ensure the continuity of the royal line and the clan on the throne.

Did the bed really cure Navier?

The truth is that there is a lot of controversy about it. It is not feasible to know if Navier had really been affected by the cookies with substances that could cause infertility, since the affected could have been Sovieshu, or that either of the two had problems of another origin.

  • There is a rumor that the author claims that Sovieshu was sterile from birth even.
  • Other theories say that she claimed that they were both sterile because of the cookies and that the bed did indeed cure Navier.
  • Still other theories say that Navier was not really sterile and the bed did nothing.
  • There is a possibility that it did increase fertility and thus the twins were born.
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