The Remarried empress characters and Spoilers

Characters of the remarried empress

Here I will be compiling a list of the Remarried empress characters and some information about them and also you will find some juicy remarried empress spoilers.

I will be adding more characters and information later.

You can point some relevant information or characters not yet included at the comments. Thanks!

You can also read about the ages of the remarried empress characters.

Main Remarried empress characters

Navier – The Empress

The main character in the story

Es la protagonista de la historia. Emperatriz del Imperio occidental, y esposa de Sovieshu, para lo que ha sido educada desde niña.

Cuando su esposo trae una amante, y quiere hacerla su concubina oficial, ella queda dolida, pero asume que es normal y que deberá convivir con ello. Pero su vida se complica, Sovieshu hace el bobo, hasta el punto de pedirle el divorcio.

Cuando esto ocurre, ella decide casarse con el Rey Heinley del Reino de Occidente.

Major spoilers

She was infertile because of the cookies she ate when she was little, but Heinrys magic bed cured her.
She also developes ice magic. Yeah, they will make fun of her.
Mom of the tweens Kai and Lari.

Read more about Empress Navier.

Heinrey / Heinly / Heinry / Heinri – Prince of the Western Kingdom

(Everytime they write it different)

He was the heir to the Western Kingdom, because the king, his brother has no descendants. After his brothr passes away, he became King of the Western Kingdom.

He falls in love with Navier and starts a friendship exchanging letters with her

He can turn into a bird, with golden feathers, similar to an eagle.

Major spoilers:

He names himself Emperor when he marries Navier, so she can keep being an Empress.

He was the cause for the decrease of power from the mages in te Eastern Kingdom.

He discovered it as a side effect when he was little, trying to help his brother who was weak, and made him lose most of his powers.

Powers: Heat.

Sovieshu – Emperor of the Eastern Empire

He is the Emperor of the Eastern Empire and married to Navier since he were kids.

But he is dumb and takes Rashta as his concubine and starts threating Navier quite rahsly and blaming her on everything, till, in the end, he asks for divorce.

Rashta – Concubine

She was a slave at the Rimwell state, and she runs away. While she is at it, Sovieshu finds her on a trap, and takes her to the palace with him, and takes her as his concubine.

Eastern empire secondary characters and spoilers

Lord Kosair

He is Navier’s older brother.

Sir Artina

Navier’s loyal guard. In the Novel it seems he is a man and on the webtoon it seems like she is a woman. So, no idea.

Countess Eliza

Navier’s handmaid. One of the few nobles that has a good relationship with her husband.

Viscounterss Verdi

Navier’s handmaid at first. But she needed money for her family, and accepts to be Rashta’s handmaid when no one wanted.

But she still cares for Navier and helps her at some points. For example when Sovieshu is promising Rashta to divorce, she indicates Navier to come to the door so she can hear them.
She will become Rashta’s baby nanny and will run with her later.

Duchess Tuania / Lady Nian

One of the closest friends to Navier.

She is a social butterfly and is said to be the most beautiful woman from the nobility of the eastern empire.

There are rumors that his son is not from her husband’s but from her husband’s brother, Lord Marius

Duke Tuania / Lord Rene

Married Lady Nian who becamee the Duchess of Tuania.

Marquess Tuania / Lord Marius

Was supposed to have an affair with Duchess of Tuania, his brother’s fiancee. But when she got married to his brother, he want to live in a temple. And short after that, he killed himelf.

Evalie / Ebely

She is an orphan that was found to have magic powers, so Navier who funded the orphanage sends her to the magic school with a scholarship.

Duke of Trobi

Navier’s parent. Cries a lot.

Duchess of Trobi

Navier’s mom

Viscount Lotesshu

A weasel of the worst. He was Rashta’s master. He told Rashta her baby died. He blackmailed her later for money.

Lebetty Rimwell

Viscount Loteshu’s daughter, and hates Rashta.

Alan Rimwell

Viscount Loteshu’s son.

Rashta’s former lover and father of An.

An / Ian

Alan’s son.

Rashtas first baby.


Big spoiler
Rashtas second baby, .

Characters from the Western Kingdom

Walton III

Heinry’s brother and former King of the Western Kingdom. He was always weak, and passes away without an heir.

McKenna – Blue bird

Heinrey’s cousin, and also a bird too.


He is the sister of the guard chief of the palace, and Navier takes her as her handmaid when she arrives.

Sir April

Is the one who picks Koshar up when he gets exiled. He is Miss Masters’ brother.

Miss Violet Masters

She is one of the secret guards from Heinry, and becomes a handmaid of Navier at the Western Kingdom.

She will fall in love with Kosair

Krista / Christa

Widow from Heinrey’s brother, and his sister in law, that his brother told him to take care of.

Big Spoilers
She was in love with Heinrey but she had to marry his brother. She tries to make a move on him, with the help a Kaufman’s love potion afther the wedding, and then asks to be Heinrey’s misstress arguing that they were together, doesn’t work because a lot of people testifies that nothing else happened, and she is forced to move out of the palace. She kills herself.

Imarie and Illid are her Ladies in Waiting.

Yunim Quebel

Captain of the royal guard of the Westen Empire.

Rose Quebel

Sister of Yunim, she will be the first lady in waiting of Navier in the Western Kingdom.

Lady Merlaney

Influent lady in the Western nobility.

Lari and Kai

Big Spoiler

They are the twin babys of Navier and Heinri.


Duke Ergi of Claude

The real womanizer. Heinry’s friend from childhood, somehow. They have a plan together and help each other, but don’t get along too well and talk badly of one another.

Duke Kaufman

Grand Duke of Luipt. He is a magician


She gives a love potion to Navier for her birthday so she gives it to Sovieshu, but ends up drinking it himself and falling for Navier. The effects should go in a day, but seem to last a lot longer on him.

Powers: Electricity and can read the mind

Princess Charlet / Charlotte

She is the princess of Whitemond Kingdom, a neighbour kingdom to the Western Kingdom.

Characters from the past and plot spoilers

Emperor Osis III

Sovieshu’s father and previous emperor of the Eastern Empire.

Lady Alessia

Mistress of Osis III and fake mother of Duke Ergi. Currently, she is the Duchess of Claude in Bluvohan Kingdom.

Baroness Riven

Alessia’s younger sister (mentioned on Webtoon ch. 25).

Bandits – Sangssicheon


One of the bandits and Darta’s Mother.


Vinsel’s daughter.

She is in reality the eldest old daughter of the Isquas pair, Ebely sister, and has also healing magic powers.


Is the daughter of a couple of the bandits

She is in reality Gloriam, Rashtas second baby who was taken away.

Other info…


    1. With Spoilers:
      Everyone will know later on, when they make the second’s child paternity test. In the sidestories he is only mentioned, Rebetti saved him from slavery and took care of him in the hidden.

      But I will try to write more about them, thanks for the idea!

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