Mind blowing theory about Navier’s inspiration

Mind blowing theory about Navier's inspiration 👑Remarried Empress Fans👑 2024

Do you think the characters could be inspired by real characters and History? What would you say if Navier could be based on a real character?

I’ve been thinking for a long time that it could be… And I’m going to tell you who I think was the inspiration for Navier’s character… And a lot of history facts that are going to blow your mind…

Note: This is all suppositions and there is nothing confirmed… But the similarities are curious.

Is Navier based on a real queen?

Well, since I heard her name, I thought it rang a bell

And as time went by, something came to my mind that had been told to me on some occasion. About a queen called “Na Violant” Familiar? “Navi”?

Well, I hope you are going to be as surprised as I was when I started to look for information… And found one fact after another that matched with the Remarried empress novel.

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Who was Na Violant of Hungary?

Violant of Hungary, often called Na Violant (I don’t know this detail why, maybe it comes from the language of her parents), was the daughter of King Andrew of Hungary and Violante de Courtenay, daughter of the Emperor of Constantinople.

It turns out that she was the wife of King Jaume I of Aragon (Spain), marrying him in 1235, she was 20 years old, and he was 27.

And what does Na Violant have to do with Navier?

Apart from the similarity in the name, the truth is that the information that there is about her, fits a little with the character that we know of Navier.

It is said that she was of strong character, and that she supported her husband politically during the war of the reconquest.

Spoiler information
Moreover, the reconquest was precisely about conquering the Mediterranean coastal area. So as in the novel, Heinri was preparing for a war, and both Ergi and he are very interested in getting a port.

He also had a lot of children, 4 daughters and 4 sons specifically.

But wait, there’s something else….

The annulled marriage

Because… Yes there was an annulled marriage in this story too!

Although it was not precisely that of Na Violant in this case…

But that of King Jaume I and his previous wife, Leonor, with whom he already had a son (who would also remain the heir). And that in addition they married when he was very young (13 years old).

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King James I asked the Pope to annul the marriage on the grounds of kinship (they were family, come on).

And once the marriage was annulled, Queen Leonor kept her dowry and was given a villa and a castle, as long as she did not remarry. No, she didn’t remarry ?

The truth is that it was not a very common thing to get divorced in those days. And an annulment was not simple either, although obviously

The heir

Another curious detail is that despite the annulment of the marriage, the son with his first wife Alfonso of Aragon was considered the legitimate heir, as he was the firstborn son of the king.

But wait, there’s more…

It turns out that Alfonso of Aragon died very young, even before his father, so his half-brother Prince Peter III of Aragon became the heir. Sound familiar?

Well, in the end Peter III was the one who succeeded his father as king of Aragon, king of Valencia and count of Barcelona, and became king of Sicily as well, when he married Constanza.

Inspiration from history?

Do you also think that Na Violant of Hungary and the history of the Spanish monarchy may have inspired this story in some way, or do you think it may be entirely coincidental?

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Tell me in the comments! I’d love to hear about it. 🙂

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