Heinrey – All about the Western empire prince and his story

Heinrey - Heinley - Remarried Empress - About him and Reasons to love him

The prince charming of the story, Heinley (Or Heinri, or Heinrey depending on where you read it, as translations change) is really adorable. And he has a lot of things that fans love…. Let’s compile some of them, and see some of his history and curiosities.

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Things to like about Heinrey from Remarried Empress

(1) His purple eyes

A very particular characteristic, and one that makes him special, is the peculiar color of his eyes.

(2) His bird shape

It is very tender to see when he turns into a bird. And even that as a person, he has some particularities related to this.

Heinley's bird-like attitudes

  • Heinley likes to feed Navier. Apparently, his father and brother used to do it to him as well.
  • He likes shiny gems.
  • Occasionally, he waits in hiding for Navier to appear in the shared room.

(3) Personality

He is a clever and cunning man. He plans, and gets what he wants, one way or another. Despite his position, he doesn’t mind putting himself on the line.

And when he’s with Navier, he’s cheerful and lighthearted, then once they become close, very loving.

(4) He is funny

He always manages to get Navier to smile. Navier says so herself, reading his letters, that he always manages to cheer her up. And on several occasions he will do anything for the sake of it.

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As they say, stay with the man who knows how to make you laugh, right?

(5) How much he cares for Navier

You can see from the very first moment how he cares for her. His concern and regret are genuine when he sees her suffer. It’s clear he wants to take her away and make her happy.


Moments demonstrating how important Navier is to him are counted by the dozens in the novel…. but they are worth noting:

  • When they are secluded in the Eastern Empire after the divorce, Heinrey could have flown away…. But he was not going to leave her there. Also at that point Sovieshu says he will let the king go but not her, “because she is not a priority”…. Oh, how wrong… Maybe she never was for you, but it is for Heinley.
  • How in the end he puts aside his plan to start a war and conquer the Easten Empire for her.
  • When she disappears, and he’s about to leave anything to fly off to find her.

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(6) He knows how to cook

From the birthday cake he baked for Navier, to delicious breakfasts and meals he prepares for her

Cooking is a hobby for him, and he has his own kitchen in his palace.

Although he already took note that diamonds don’t look good as cake filling…

(7) His body

Well, he’s hot and sexy…. ?

From what we can tell, the exercise he does as a bird also affects his muscles as a man… So he’s looking really fine.

(8) What about size?

From a couple of Navier’s comments in the novel Remarried Empress? (The fountain scene and the trial scene). He is also well on that part. ?

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(9) His wife!

Because in the end, Navier is an incredible and admirable woman, and one who brings out the best in him. ❤️

About Heinrey

Heinrey’s full Name

His full name is Heinley / Heinrey / Heinri Aless Lazslo as mentioned in the novel in the official marriage celebration with Navier (You can see here the chapter guide of the novel).

His story (Warning, contains spoilers)

He was the second son of the king of the Kingdom of the West, so at first he was not destined to inherit the throne. The heir would be his older brother.

But his brother was born weak. And then an incident made him even weaker. Therefore, Heinley decided to move away, and stay out of the political life of the kingdom, trying to create a lighthearted and unbecoming image of an heir to leave his brother in a better position.

In addition, in these actions, traveling through other kingdoms, he was trying to collect information of military interest, as they were planning the expansion of his kingdom and was planning a war.

The problem was that when he was trying to learn more about the royal family of the neighboring empire, the eastern empire(see list of kingdoms), he met the Empress Navier, and quickly fell in love with her.

In addition, once his brother was king, he failed to have children and died young, leaving Heinrey as heir to his brother’s death.

Other curiosities about him

The “Bird-headed” clan

His family, on his father’s side, that is, possibly the line of the monarchy of the kingdom for many generations, use magic and are part of a clan called “bird-head” or “birdbrain” (Birdbrain) and can transform into bird or human. At some point they assimilate it to werewolves, only the “birdbrains” have control over their transformation normally.

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What kind of bird is Heinley?

At first it is posited that he is some kind of eagle.

In the images in the novel the design is somewhat larger than in the webtoon which is smaller.

Specifically, there is a type of eagle that is quite similar to the design, which is the harpy eagle, there are white specimens.

Harpy Eagle

Magical powers (Spoilers)

Heinley has powers, as you can tell by the fact that he transforms into a bird. But he also attended the magic academy, and has other hidden powers.

Specifically, Heinley is able to generate heat. Although some hints are left since Navier arrives in the Western Empire or at the wedding night, this will not be given relevance until later in the story.

Also, Heinrey is the only one or one of few people who know the secret to extracting mana from mages and rendering them powerless, a gift he discovered by accident trying to help her brother, which he will later use to weaken the Eastern Empire by causing mages to lose their magic and fewer new mages to appear. Maybe related to the Magic Manastone bed.

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