Duke Ergi and his backstory

Duke Ergi and his backstory 👑Remarried Empress Fans👑 2024

Duke Ergi, Ergy or Elgi (we know, theme translations)is one of the more enigmatic characters in The Remarried Empress story. A lot of people asks themselves why Duke Ergi acted like that?

He introduces himself as a friend of one of the main characters, Prince Heinley, but they don’t seem to get along so well. And we see how he becomes close to the antagonist Rashta… which confuses us quite a bit at the beginning.

Plus we’ll know hardly anything about her past until we get to the extra stories in the Remarried Empress novel.

what happens to Ergi in The Remarried Empress ?

Duke Ergi shows up after after the confrontation between Heinley and Sovieshu at the dinner party where Rashta was pretending to be his card friend, McKenna tells Heinley not to be so open with his intentions.

She then has him send a letter to Duke Ergi, and he soon shows up at the palace.

But even though everyone knows they are close friends. Ergi does not approach Heinley, but seeks out Rashta directly and becomes close to her and defends her.

is Ergi really Rashta’s friend?

As it progresses we see how they seem to have a close friendship, he advises her and even lends her money. But little by little it becomes clear that his intentions are not good.

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The loans will be something that will serve him later and each time he gives her advice to push her ambition and make her want to be empress.

Although it is not necessary, since when the pregnancy is known, Soieshu himself is the one who decides to divorce and put Rashta as empress to legitimize his heir.

Double-edged actions of Duke Ergi

Some not so well-intentioned actions are seen when it is glimpsed that he was the one who encouraged the man who mentioned the Iskua’s other daughter at the meeting to speak.

Also the famous advice about the fancy dress to attend Sovieshu and Navier‘s divorce.

why does Ergi do all that?

Actually Ergi has some personal issues against Sovieshu, as well as against the mistresses. So he is very interested in carrying out the actions against them and the Empire of the East for his own benefit, as well as, by the way, helping Heinley to succeed in keeping Navier.

You can read below why.

Frequently asked questions about Duke Ergi

Ergi’s first appearance

He appears for the first time in chapter 20 in Webtoon.

what is the relationship between Ergi and Heinley?

They have intermediate goals in common, but a different ultimate goal. They maintain a collaborative relationship, and exchange influence and information as needed.

This is explained in chapter 85 of the Novel in Naver.

Also when Rahsta finds Heinley’s letter to Navier that Mckenna was carrying, he misconceives believing that it is Elgi who has a relationship with the prince of the West. But obviously this is not so, although there are people who shipe Heinley x Ergi.

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why does Ergi decide to help Navier get out of house arrest?

In that case, Ergi was considering whether to also get Navier out of the house arrest that Sovieshu had planted in the house of the Dukes of Trovi, when he asks him to get only Heinley out. He knew that Heinley really liked Navier, and that he would be angry if he took only him out of there.

what are the charges of Ergi’s family?

In the sidestories we are introduced to Ergi’s story at last, but

what does Ergi have against Sovieshu?

Indirectly Sovieshu ruined his life.

Sovieshu blamed Alyssia for giving his mother the cookies he ate (with Navier but he didn’t tell anyone that) and that’s why she was kicked out of the palace and everything else happened.

what is Alyssia’s story and what does it have to do with Ergi?

When Alyssia was thrown out of the palace accusing her of giving abortive cookies to the empress, her family abandoned her at sea, there she was found by pirates and from the pirates she was rescued by Ergi’s father, who was the king of Bluhovan at the time.

It turns out that she looked a lot like the queen (Ergi’s mother) who was ill so the king passes her off as the queen and they leave the royal queen aside.

Although the king loves his wife and wants nothing to do with Alyssia in reality, but Alyssia usurps his position in public eyes. When Ergi starts to want to expel her, she makes a plan in which she sets the palace on fire, and brings Ergi in to rescue him but he burns his face. As everyone knows, she must remain the queen if they don’t want to be ridiculed. Then the king abdicates the throne to an older brother of Ergi and becomes Archduke of Claude, and Ergi is Duke of Claude

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why is Ergi Duke if his father was king?

In the sidestories it is mentioned that his parents were the king and the queen… But when they abdicate, they become Archdukes of Claude. The throne in this case would pass to a brother of Ergi (or cousin for some reason, maybe because he is very young when the king abdicates).

And therefore, Ergi is Duke of Claude

When is Alyssia mentioned for the first time

At the chapter 25 on the novel, Ergi says to Rashta at the tea party:

The late emperor grew tired of her very quickly.
She was in the emperor’s favor for a much shorter period compared to the other mistresses. And it all ended quite badly…

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