Navier the Empress: Why we love her and about her

Navier The Empress - Navier Ellie Trovi - History and info about her

One of the most charismatic protagonists of novels and manga that you can find. We tell you the reasons why you will love Navier The Empress, her story and some curiosities about her.

9 Reasons why we love her ❤️

(1) She is a strong woman

She knows how to stand her ground and stoically endures all the complicated situations that come her way.

For some time now, strong leading ladies are a trend. And she is the queen.

(2) Her calm attitude

Knowing how to keep calm in complicated situations is something that many of us would like to be able to do? It’s clear that, as they say, she’s an empress.

(3) She knows how to defend herself

She is not someone who needs to be rescued. She gets out of almost every situation on her own and looks for a solution.

And her answers are great at several points in the novel:

“You may be sister to the next concubines.”

Navier when Rashta tells her they are sisters.

“I don’t care because you are not my beloved.”

Navier to Sovieshu when he rebukes her saying that she is jealous of her lover.
And even later, when his ice power appears, he also defends himself against some attacks.

(4) She’s smart

Navier demonstrates throughout the story how he carefully plans his actions and his words. She always thinks long term, as is to be expected of a regent, and of the common good, even above her own.

(5) She is very human

She has flaws, self-esteem problems and makes mistakes. Also, although she does not show them in public, she has feelings, she also cries and is affected by the events that occur…. But she won’t let just anyone get close to her… She is the empress! She is the empress! She can’t show her weaknesses publicly…

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(6) She has a very good heart

She cares about her subjects, even when she stops being the empress, she tries her best to leave everything in condition and leaves notice to inform her if there is any problem, and even asks Ergi to help Rashta not to mess it up.

(7) She is very beautiful

That’s the way it is. She’s beautiful. Period. And thousands of people agree.

(8) And yet, she’s not presumptuous

She has an assumption that people tell her she is beautiful only because she is the empress, but she doesn’t really have herself for a particularly beautiful woman…. Although this also has to do with her self-esteem, which is also clearly hurt when her husband looks for another woman… But we know she really is.

(9) Her wardrobe ?

And she has a wardrobe that many would like…. And she looks stunning in everything.

About Navier

Her full name is Navier Ellie Trovi. Daughter of the Dukes of Trovi, and her brother is Kosair Trovi

She is approximately about 24 years old. Read here the reason for Navier’s age.

The history of Navier

The Trovi family, dukes of the Eastern Empire, has already had several female empresses in the past.

Because of this, and because she was close in age to Crown Prince Sovieshu, Emperor Osis III chose her as princess consort for him, and raised her in the palace to educate her to be the future empress, directly with the previous empress, mother of Sovieshu.

She did not lead a usual childhood because of this, as she had to be educated, and did not have so much time to play. However, because of her introverted character, she did not mind, and she made it her life’s goal to become empress.

The relationship of Navier and Sovieshu

She had a close relationship with Sovieshu before they inherited the throne, people said they looked like a young couple in love…. They married young, about 19 or 20 years old

But as they became empress and emperor, she took her role very seriously, plus she assumed that their marriage was one of pure convenience. She cherished Sovieshu, but did not feel that she loved him romantically. Nor did he ever tell her otherwise.

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Their relationship was based on matters of state, and they dined together twice a week. They lived in separate palaces, and there is no record that they ever slept together.

It is assumed that they did have relations, as it is mentioned that she did not become pregnant even when they were younger. But it is not known how, how much or with what intensity or if it was just something a little “because it was touching”.

The other woman

But when another woman came along, she felt uncomfortable. She tried to talk it over with Sovieshu but he avoided the subject. And from then on everything started to get complicated. It is clear that there were big communication problems. She doesn’t usually show her emotions, but she did try to talk. But Sovieshu didn’t seem to listen to her or see her point of view, and withheld a lot of information from her. Even though it might have seemed at times that his goal was to make her jealous.

Until it wasn’t too late, and she found out that Sovieshu was planning to divorce her, Navier didn’t realize that she really did have feelings for him…. But at that point, no longer. He had already made so many mistakes that had broken the relationship.

Losing the position of empress and new hope

When by chance Navier learns that Sovieshu is going to divorce her and put Rashta as empress, her world collapses…

She feels that without her position, her whole life goal is crumbling.

Meeting Heinrey when she travels to the magic academy to see Ebely, and he tells her again (he had already told her by letter) that he would like her to be his queen, she sees a way out. And she proposes to him to actually be one, to which he obviously agrees, even though he knows that she considers him for convenience and only sees him as a friend.

Fear of love

Spoilers: Warning, from here on we are talking about the post-wedding period, which would be the second season of the Webtoon.

Everything that happened leaves Navier really hurt. Her self-esteem as a woman really damaged. It makes her think how can anyone love her? She is unaware or doesn’t want to be aware of Heinrey’s displays of affection. And when he finally confesses to her that he loves her? She is frightened. And she wonders how someone like him, young, handsome, and extroverted who has known many women can love her….

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She doesn’t believe in love… Much less in eternal love. And he’s also afraid to get involved in case the same thing happens again. So really even though they have an intimate relationship, she will struggle quite a bit with her feelings creating some tense moments until she finally decides to love him openly.

Infertility (Spoilers)

Although she publicly always denies that she is infertile…. Internally she also has her doubts. Sovieshu never tells her what happened with the drugged cookies that could have left either or both of them infertile.

But still, she is aware that she has not become pregnant in all the years she was married to him. And the fact that the concubine quickly became pregnant is a cold water pitcher.

When she marries Heinrey, he tells her about a secret of the Western Kingdom…. They possess a special magic bed, which in case she has a problem, could solve it.

Is Navier infertile?

There are many theories about all this… Was Navier really infertile?

It could be that she was and that the magic bed cured her. Or it could be that the infertile was Sovieshu. Or both.

Some say that the author has given her point of view on this, but I have not found such information. If anyone has it, feel free to leave a comment.

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