Hi there all the Remarried empress fans!

If you have also fallen in love with Navier, Heinry (or both) and this story, you are on the right place.

Also called the second marriage, or the divorced empress, this history is a really good one.

We are going to tell you a lot of things about the novel, the webtoon manwha, the characters, and analyse chapter per chapter of this awesome story so we can enjoy it to the fullest.

Let’s start by adding some info you could like.

What is The Remarried empress?

It started as a web novel, on Naver, by Alpha Tart, a korean author. And later, it was adapted as a comic / Manhwa on Webtoons ilustrado por Sumpul – Estudio Santa Claus.

In spanish it is called “La emperatriz divorciada” o “La emperatriz se volviĂł a casar”.

What is the story about?

The novel tells how Navier was divorced by her husband the emperor Sovieshu, so she will lose her title as an empress. But fortunately

Where can I read the novel or comic?

I strongly recommend you to go to the official sites:

Graphic novel – The Remarried Empress on Webtoon

You can read the webtoon / webnovel on the app or at the website (the app on a mobile device is better). It updates once a week with a free chapter, and there are normally 3-5 chapters in advance that you can get paying with coins.

See here our Remarried Empress on Webtoon Chapter guide (Seasons 1 and 2).

For now, it is published till the 2nd season end (Chapter 122).
Season 3 released on Naver Webtoon.

The webtoon comic from Remarried Empress is really similar to the novel, almost word for word. But the novel has some small details more and the illustrations are totally worth to see.

Web novel (text + illutrations) on Naver

Remarried empress on Naver

Here you have how to read Remarried Empress on Naver it in other languages.

And here a guide on how to find on which chapter happened some particular event.

Remarried empress books

You can also buy the graphic novel e-books on Amazon (only english for now).

See in Amazon.es.

Or buy the korean physical version of the books from Naver.

Find more on the blog…

About the Remarried Empress authors

The novel author is Alphatart, that has also written “Men of the Harem” afterwards.

The author for the Novel illustrations is “Chiran” that also illustrated “Men in Harem”.

For the Webtoon, the illustrator / artist pen name is Sumpul (that means vine), here you can find her Instagram account.

Here are some declarations from the author Sumpul on Webtoon: Read here.

The Remarried Empress kdrama

It was said that they are going to film a Kdrama about the remarried empress. This is like a korean tv series. Or maybe it will be an animated series.

See more info here

The Remarried Empress game

There is also a game called “Maybe Interactive Stories” it has some novels and webtoons as games. One of them is The Remarried Empress.

In the game you can choose what to do: Go on with the original story, fix things with Sovieshu or go with Kaufman.

It has rating +17.

See it here.