Heinrey & Navier Child: Is he a bad father?

Is Heinrey a bad father?

If you didn’t knew: Spoiler. Heinrey and Navier will have two children: Lari and Kai. In this post let’s talk about something that generated some noise in the fandom: Is Heinrey a bad father or not?

(This is going to be full of Spoilers, so if you haven’t read the last few chapters of the novel read on at your own risk).

Why is he said to be a bad father?

It is causing a lot of noise the issue of the last published chapters of the Sidestiories in which the children of Navier and Heinley, Lary and Kai grown up, 14 years old, are already presented. And we are introduced to the conflict that arises regarding the inheritance of the thrones of East and West by the children….

In this context, it has been said that Heinley is a very good husband, but that he is a bad or lousy father? is this true, is it so exaggerated?

Let’s analyze in parts the scenes presented to us that have led to think this?

Taking care of children when they are young

Something that should not be forgotten, is that since they are born, Heinley also takes care of the babies a lot. And in fact she usually takes care of them at night in the form of birds until they fall asleep, and feed them.

She also goes to chase Lary every time he runs away (As in chapter 35).

Heinley does not see himself capable of scolding the children

One of the things they say is that Heinley doesn’t scold Lary…. But he actually has a hard time scolding both of them. It’s not a matter of favoritism.

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Heinrey & Navier Child: Is he a bad father? 👑Remarried Empress Fans👑 2023
Novel in Naver – Source Ch. 37 sidestoriesHow to read in English

Here Navier tells him that he should be a little stricter with them. And he tells him that it’s not easy to scold them since Lary has her face and Kai talks like her.

In other words, there is no favoritism. He does the same to both of them equally. Although he then mentions that Lary then puts a tender face on them and gets his way too, but he doesn’t say that he does that only to his father.

The inheritance of the throne of the East

At the end of chapter 37 comes the letter in which Sovieshu tells them that he wants one of the children to be his successor. And already to begin with, Heinley is worried. First sign that he obviously knows there is going to be a problem.

Heinrey & Navier Child: Is he a bad father? 👑Remarried Empress Fans👑 2023
Novel in Naver – Source Ch. 38 sidestoriesHow to read in English

Lari was interested in the throne of the Western Empire, so they thought Kai would raise his hand, but Lari did. Heinley saw that Kai made a pretense of raising her hand, and lowered Lari’s hand. Then she raised her other hand.

In other words, Heinley did not initially want Lari to also ask for the throne of the East and for it to go to Kai.

But then when Lary explains her reasoning, saying she wants both and to unify the world, it gives her some pride for her daughter…. But at a certain point he knows it’s wrong, Kai is sad, and Navier gives him a look, turns bird and hides so she won’t scold him.

Kai is more attached to mom

Due to chapter 39 of the extra stories, it is said that Kai is more attached to his mother, when she goes to look for him after what happened and comforts him. Saying also that he is sad because he does not want to get along badly with his sister and that he is willing to give up in order not to have problems with her.

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But this does not mean that he has spent less time with the father.

There is also a comment from Sovieshu wondering if she has raised him alone, because his character is so much like hers, but this does not make any sense either. It’s not like they each raised a child. Besides there is a lot of character that comes from birth. And this is rather the case

Couple discussion between Heinley and Navier

In Chapter 46, Navier and Heinley discuss the issue of succession to the throne of children. And they are in a clear disagreement.

Navier tells her that Kai also wants to be emperor.

But here comes the drama, because Heinley says that maybe it’s better that Lari inherits everything, because if his idea is to conquer and unify the world, then they would end up in war. And it wouldn’t be nice to have a war between brothers.

That is to say, it is not that he thinks it is bad that Kai is emperor, but he considers that if he cannot stand up to his sister (since the boy, as Navier tells him, was already thinking about resigning for his sister) that he will have a hard time leading an empire. And more if his sister then declares war on him (capable?).

In short…

That’s not so much.

  • At no time is it expressly said that Heinley has favoritism. There’s only one scene where he’s happy for her and Kai is upset, where they do mention in passing how there’s a place in his heart, but come on, one moment in about 14 years that we haven’t seen.
  • Maybe it’s a little soft on them yes, but on both of them.
  • Regarding the throne issue, Heinley what he doesn’t want is for his sons to get along badly, more than because he wants Lari to have everything or not wanting Kai to be emperor and he cares about him.
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So at least in my opinion, NO, he is not a bad father.

Besides, bad father is the one who treats badly, abandons, or does not meet the needs of his children. The rest, well, they can do better or worse, make mistakes, but still, they would be good parents

what do you think? Tell me in the comments…

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