Rashta and all her mistakes (Trashta)

Rashta in remarried empress Trashta the slave

Rashta in the Remarried Empress, more known by the fandom as Trashta, is a controversial and hateable character in the opinion of most people…. But was Rashta really that bad, or was it because of the circumstances? at what point did it all start to go wrong?

It’s a super usual discussion regarding this character, baptized as one of the most hated villains of the Webtoon (And that was only the first season).

Here we are going to compile the mistakes that Rashta made….

And even the ones that became crimes, which led to her tragic end.

Rashta’s first mistakes in The Divorced Empress story

Getting entangled with an emperor?

Tempting, sure… But… An unnecessary risk. She was clear about who he was, and she clearly found the idea interesting.

Getting close to the empress.

Everyone in the normal world is clear, that if you are the lover, you should not approach the official couple… Everyone, except Rashta.

She had heard about the empress who was loved by everyone and who loved her subjects, and convinced that her relationship with her husband the emperor was one of convenience, she thought that she would also be fond of him and that they would become friends… So the first thing she does is to go and talk to Navier.

Eeeh… No.

Do you want to be my sister?

Not content with that, she goes and asks him if she can call her sister…

This makes us really mad because we don’t see the point of it. However, put in context, we have to understand that in Korea, the country of the height, it is very common to use a term similar to “big sister” to refer to older friends. Which might be a little less odd there.

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Still. No. You can’t ask your lover’s wife to treat you like a sister, nor like a friend…

Trying to cheat Heinrey with the letters

When he learns that Henrey, the Prince of the West is looking for his secret friend with whom he sends letters to each other… She can think of nothing better than to first send a servant saying it was her, and then say it was herself, and make a scandal when she is made a liar by insisting that she is not lying at one of the New Year’s dinners

Trusting anyone

Starting with the emperor, and then Ergi, who you can see for a fact that he approached her with ulterior motives… Very casual to appear to defend her when they spoke ill of her…

Generating false rumors

To try to stop people talking about her, she agrees to create false rumors (in this case yes, encouraged by Ergi) about the Duchess of Tuania (See the list of Divorced Empress characters) and even talking to the Duke of Tuania directly.

Plucking the bird’s feathers

When the Emperor tries to rectify one of the fattest fuck-ups he made, and sends a bird to Navier which she rejects, Rashta catches it before he sees it and plucks feathers from it saying it was the Empress.

Dropping the baby

Yes, it was because of a trauma… But she dropped her baby. That an incident can happen to anyone but…. Phew.

Rashta’s crimes

But it doesn’t stop there, besides screwing up one after another, there comes a time when she really starts committing crimes.

Using Navier’s imperial promissory notes in his name

When Navier leaves, he leaves things settled beforehand, and among them, he leaves some of his promissory notes in the name of the imperial family for Rashta to continue supporting the charitable causes that she personally supported.

And yet Rashta thinks she’s so smart, and even though Navier warns her NOT to use them in his name…. Guess what? That’s the first thing she does, saying she’ll give the money in her private name.

Lock up and cut out Delis’ tongue

He takes a dislike to the maid because he gets the feeling she looks at the emperor too much, and to top it off, he finds the feathers of the bird she plucked, which would obviously incriminate her.

To prevent her from speaking, he says that it was the servant who plucked the feathers, locks her up and has her tongue cut out.

Well, the empress does not have the power to do something like that without permission.

Having Rebetti kidnapped

As he always hated her so much, he decides to take her out of the way, to kidnap her and sell her as a slave in revenge… But the Sovieshu agents who have her under surveillance find out about it, rescue her and temporarily place her in a villa.

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Convincing the Iskua to attack Ebely

A truly evil plan, convince the Iskua to try to get rid of Ebely, as he sees her as a threat thinking she will also be Sovieshu’s concubine.

Commissioning a bracelet to be stolen from Ergi

He goes so far as to use Ergi as a test of his thugs’ abilities…. Which ends up giving him an excuse to threaten her… Yes, bad both of them but…

Hire an assassin to kill the Dukes of Trovi

Just like that, she decides that Navier’s family might consider harming her or her baby. So he hires thugs to get rid of them. Luckily Ergi intercepts him and the whole thing goes nowhere.

Last resort: If I go down, you go down with me

And to top it off, at the trial, when she is accused (nonsensically) of deceiving the emperor by trying to put a baby of another bloodline as the emperor’s son, as if everything had been contrived from the beginning… He can think of nothing better than to say that it was the emperor who planned it since he was impotent (eunuch) and could not have children….

Rashta’s story in The Empress Divorcee


About Rashta

Rashta is a young woman, about 20 years old, with almost white blonde hair, fair skin and gray eyes. Some say she might be an albino. She is a very beautiful woman. But she was raised as a slave.

How old is Rashta?

Slavery in the world of Remarried Empress

By all accounts, in the world of the story there is no slavery as there was historically in the past (it was not widespread.

Only in specific cases, when someone commits serious crimes, or has many debts, he can be sentenced to be a slave. And in case of children of convicted criminals, they would become slaves as well.

Rashta’s childhood

Rashta grew up as a slave, due to her father’s crimes. We don’t know exactly at what point it happened, whether as a newborn directly or somewhat older, but she did get to know her father.

Her father appears at one point, also to blackmail her, when she learns that she is empress. Her mother is not mentioned at any point, but it is assumed that she was also, and may have passed away.

She grew up as a slave in the Rimwell household, doing housework.

Relationship with Alan Rimwell

Presumably at about the age of majority, Alan and Rashta have a romantic relationship. He loves her, and she loves him. But because she is a slave, they keep it a secret.

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But she gets pregnant, and when she has her baby, for some reason, they take it away from her and give her the body of a deceased baby telling her it is her baby, so she thought she had passed away. When in fact they hide it.

After that happens, she and Alan plan to elope. However at the last minute, he decides not to go with her, because

Big spoiler
Presumably he is still a few months there, and they keep the relationship going, and have intimate encounters, because she leaves pregnant again, with the baby that they will later think is the emperor’s, Gloriam / Glorium.

Runaway slave

One of the house slaves who holds her in high esteem, something of a father figure, helps her run away.

And in her escape she coincidentally ends up in a hunting trap of the emperor who was passing by (some say too much of a coincidence. Who knows? It is not mentioned at any time that it was intentional).

The emperor does know that she is a slave, but prefers to keep it a secret. Especially when she gets pregnant, since he intends to make that baby his heir, and so he sets up the whole divorce racket.

And that’s when she starts making one mistake after another of the aforementioned…

How does Rashta end up?

After the trial, Trashta is finally removed of her position as empress, her marriage with Sovieshu is annulled, and Rashta is condemned to be locked in a tower. There she is left in the dark, and begins to ramble on about what happened and whether it would not have been better to remain only as a concubine

How does Rashta die? why did rashta kill herself?

In the end she commits suicide in prison, she dies poisoned, with a pill that someone leaves her at the door.

Most likely it was Artina who gave her the pill, who still had grudges and wanted Rashtas’ death, and after that he goes to the westen empire to serve Navier again but it is not clear stated that he was the one to do it.

In her last moments, she rethinks her decisions… And wishes that Navier had really accepted her, her being the last thing she thinks about in her last moments, as if he finally accepted her. Obsessed?

What do you think about Rashta? Tell us in the comments.


  1. I know that in the end she committed crimes, but when you think of her circumstances I only feel sorry. She was a slave, and saw an opportunity. She was stupid from beginning to end, but to call her the worst villain, when truly she’s a product of her circumstances, is too much.

    1. Yeah, it is understable that she took the oportunity, but she could have done it being a better person too, but in the end she started not only creating rumours on people, lying and so on… she ended getting people hurt or killed, by her own hands or on the hands of others. That wasn’t necessary she crossed totally the line between good and wrong to the dark side.

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