New year’s celebration on Remarried empress

New year's celebration on Remarried empress 👑Remarried Empress Fans👑 2024

Looking for information to create a chronology of the remarried empress , I guessed the New years would be based on Korean new years and celebration. And it seems it is right.

Why the Korean new year?

Well, the author is Korean, so it was logical.

And it matchs well, as I have found, they celebrate for 3 days (as in remarried empress storyline do).

When and how is the Korean new year?

The new year day normally is on the second new moon after the winter solstice. That can be in end January or February.

This also matchs the ambient in the graphic novel on webtoons, because soon after that spring comes.

The celebration three days are:

  • The day before Korean New Year
  • Korean New Year itself
  • The day after Korean New Year. 


So in the remarried empress story that would be…

It is not really clear but an aproximation of the events would be like this:

  • 1st day: Big party where Navier wears the pearls dress and hairstyle and dances with Heinry for the first time (Webtoon chapter 10).
  • 2nd day: They get to know that Heinrey is looking for his pen pal.
  • 3rd day: Heinry comes to the party with Rashta’s maid that said was his pen pal (Webtoon Chapter 12).
  • Last day: Special banquet were only important guests will attend (Heinrey talks with Navier and tells her he knew it was her, and Roteshu appears at the commoners party, says Rashta is a slave and Sovieshu runs to her)
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